District Dining and Coffee Factory (5 Cafes In Jogja That Opens 24 Hours)

District Dining and Coffee Factory is located in one of the shop complex at Plaza Seturan. Employing the concept of unfinished furniture divided into outdoor and indoor area, the 24-hour café is the favorite place where different communities in Jogja would hang out at. Besides coffee, the café also offers many choices of foods, ranging from Indonesian cuisine to Western cuisine. Free Wi-Fi and a giant screen—sually used to watch football match—are also available. Way better, you will also be entertained by acoustic band performance every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday night. Check the address and location map at District Dining and Coffee Factory.

About 5 Cafes In Jogja That Opens 24 Hours

Let insomnia come as it likes it. Say "Welcome to Jogja" and invites it to a fun hang out at one of the 5 cafes that opens 24 hours. If needs be, serve a cup of coffee and get it to know your friends.

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5 Cafes In Jogja That Opens 24 Hours: Hi, Insomnia, Let's Make Peace between You and I!