Pecel Baywatch (10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja)

It may be named Pecel (boiled vegetables with peanut sauce) Baywatch, but the restaurant is not, in fact, located anywhere near the beach. And, don't think you would get a chance of seeing Pamela Anderson around in her red bikini-the one you'd find there is an old lady. You can find the food in Kasongan, Bantul. It is served at at humble restaurant. Still, the rare kembang turi (flowers of Sesbania grandiflora tree) included into the ingredients of the food is like a magnet that draws any pecel lovers to stop by. See address and location map on Baywatch Pecel

About 10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja

They might be located far in the kampongs, but the proven taste makes them worth the search. Here are the 10 hidden culinary spots sought by many. Feel the sensation of the search, and enjoy the taste.

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10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja: The More Hidden, The More Wanted