101 Delicious Culinary Spots in Jogja

Jogja food is not only that sweet gudeg. We'll bring you to explore the diversity of delish foods here so that you can taste the sweets, spicy, salty and soury Jogja culinary. Not to mention, it also includes a small part of Jogja life.

  • 10 Famous Angkringan
    Places to Reminisce When Back to Jogja

    Returning to Jogja is just like going home; there's an abundant of yearning that makes it special. The friendly atmosphere and angkringan (food tenant) are the two things that never fail in making people yearning to "return home to Jogja".

  • 10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja
    The More Hidden, The More Wanted

    They might be located far in the kampongs, but the proven taste makes them worth the search. Here are the 10 hidden culinary spots sought by many. Feel the sensation of the search, and enjoy the taste.

  • 10 Soto Food in Jogja
    from Soto Kadipiro to Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro

    Let's explore the richness and uniqueness of food born from the acculturation between Indonesian, Chinese, and even Indian culture, presented in a bowl of soto (a kind of soup made of meat or vegetable broth). You can find numerous variants of soto: soto

  • 5 Cafes In Jogja That Opens 24 Hours
    Hi, Insomnia, Let's Make Peace between You and I!

    Let insomnia come as it likes it. Say "Welcome to Jogja" and invites it to a fun hang out at one of the 5 cafes that opens 24 hours. If needs be, serve a cup of coffee and get it to know your friends.

  • Angkringan 'Bapak'
    The Right Place to Savor The Simplicity of Jogja in Its Entirety

    Hmm, who is this good angkringan seller?

  • Angkringan Lik Man
    Spending Your Night in Yogyakarta with Kopi Joss

    Angkringan is food stall selling rice, side dishes and drinks at very cheap prices. Angkringan Lik Man is serving special drink, namely Kopi Joss or Coffee Joss, this place once was the place for spending the night by some popular leaders of Indonesia.

  • Mbah Cemplung Fried Chicken
    From Semanggi Village, Mbah Cemplung Competes Against Crispy Chicken

    Amidst the rapid growth of fast food restaurant offering crispy chicken, Mbah Cemplung stays faithfull to its top menu, the home-styled fried chicken. With traditional, humble serving, she competes with those cripsy chickens.

    0856 288 2741

  • Shibishu Noodles
    When Silent Noodles Make You Speechless

    Bakmi Shibishu, or Shibishu Noodles, gives you a speechless experience as soon as you taste it. The cook who does not talk much whilst cooking is a good sign that she really knows what she is doing, making perfect noodles that can make you speechless.

  • Banyu Mili
    A Water Attraction Combined with The Delicious of Honey Grilled Shrimp

    Satisfied having fun in the water rides, it is directly continued with a culinary tour. A plate of honey grilled shrimp served on the table looks very tempting. How does it taste? Hmm..., there is a delicious sweet and tasty sensation.

    (0274) 545 143

  • Depot Setiawan
    When Mr. Chef Cooks Noodle on the Roadside Himself

    Food sold along the roadside is not always mediocre in taste. At Depot Setiawan, we can enjoy jumbo roadside noodles cooked by a veteran chef who has retired from working in a restaurant.

  • Entok Slenget Kang Tanir
    Tasting Duck Culinary: Rare, Spicy Cuisine from Jogja's Turi

    The thick, hard-to-process meat has caused many to raise a white flag in terms of turning it into a dish. In Kang Tanir's hands, however, this 'entok' or Manila duck eventually surrenders. It's ready to challenge spicy food lovers to have a try.

    0818 0433 8944

  • Gudeg
    The Most Popular Food from Yogyakarta

    Since many years ago, gudeg, traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in 'gudeg center', can you also find this food in every part of the city. Dried gudeg becomes the most wanted gift from Jogja.

  • Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik
    Two Lovebirds from Jogja's Olden Times

    Foods have their way of bringing you back to certain moments from their taste and aroma. That's how it goes with the story of a couple of lovebirds, the Jadah (sticky-rice cake) and the Tempeh from Kaliurang.

    (0274) 446 4277

  • Kedai Kopi Menoreh Pak Rohmat
    Mocca Robusta Coffee a la Yogyakarta's Limestone Hill

    As the beverage of a million people, coffee has never failed in creating different emotions for those addicted to caffeine. At Kedai Kopi Menoreh Pak Rohmat, you can enjoy traditional coffee a la Menoreh Hills.

    0878 4319 6105

  • Klinik Kopi
    Let There Be No Sugar between Where We Are

    Klinik Kopi is well-known as a coffee shop that does not provide its customers with milk and sugar. Here, we'll be forced to enjoy "the true coffee" while listening to the story teller.

    0813 8278 4240

  • Lesehan Pari Gogo
    Red Rice and Culinary from The Dry Land

    Lesehan Pari Gogo is a legend; even Sultan HB X and Megawati had enjoyed being there. The top menu is the peculiar culinary of dry land, such as sego abang (brown rice) and other unique culinary. Wanna try?

    0817 9443 081

  • Lotek Teteg
    A Large Portions of Lotek and Gado-Gado

    Lotek and gado-gado which became Indonesian popular dishes are served with large portions in Warung Lotek Teteg. Besides its special taste, its strategic location, its shady place also make this food stall always be visited by the food lovers.

    (0274) 587 284

  • Nasi Campur Demangan
    Hunger Buster at Night, Demangan Traditional Market Is Within Sight

    Opening only after 9 pm doesn't mean that the food court on one corner of Jalan Gejayan lacks customers. A portion of delicious warm nasi campur and anchovies sambal will alleviate your late night hunger.

    0813 2840 8488

  • Beringharjo Fried Rice
    Deliciousness of Javanese-Chinese Culinary

    Enjoying the taste of Beringharjo Fried Rice is just as occupied as listening to a plate of story around the harmony of Javanese and Chinese cultures in Indonesia, especially in terms of culinary, not just its deliciousness.

  • Oseng-oseng Mercon Bu Narti
    Explosion in The Mouth

    The plain rice accompanied by extra-hot spicy oseng-oseng explodes in the mouth. The delicious kikil cooked with spices teases the tongue to dance, demanding us not to stop eating.

    0878 3826 6520

  • Baywatch Pecel
    Eating Turi Flower Pecel by Mbah Warno "Anderson"

    When you visit Kasongan, you don't need to worry being hungry after a whole day finding pottery, you don't need to turn out panic because Mbah Warno "Anderson" will save you by Baywatch pecel (mix of boiled vegetables).

  • Rumah Makan Legokan Ngancar
    Delicious Fishes from Freshwater in the Conflux of Two Rivers

    Snakehead fish and various freshwater fish dishes from River Bedog and Progo is the prima donna of a restaurant located where Ki Ageng Wonoboyo once reigned in the past. Here, you can also find other unique, rare culinary.

    0812 2894 2283

  • Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro
    A Bowl of Beef Soto: Sensationally Enjoyable, Near Sambisari Temple

    Cooked by Mbah Katro, the fresh saoto served in a bowl made of bathok is a good option to enjoy in a fresh, green rural atmosphere after enjoying the beautiful architecture of Sambisari Temple.

    0813 9214 4526

  • Sate Buntel Tambak Segaran
    The Mincemeat Recipe that Conquers The Appetite

    Solo and Jogja are two old siblings; the bound continues even to their culinary. The secret ketchup made by the family is a treasure that will escort the delicious Sate Buntel into your tongue.

    (0274) 379 467

  • Mbah Margo Goat Satay
    The Most Famous Satay in Kulon Progo

    Goat satay with ketchup sauce, onion and cabbage slices and thick, sweet-smelled rice are what have made Mbah Margo a famous name throughout Kulon Progo. No wonder this goat satay has been the favorite of so many people.

    0813 2877 2633

  • Sate Klathak Pak Bari
    Imogiri's Signature Satay That Makes Queuing Feel Okay

    The use of bicycle-spoke skewers make sate klathak not only being unique but also make each pieces of mutton meat more delicious because it's evenly cooked. Even Rangga and Cinta in the movie AADC 2 had tasted the satay cooked by Pak Bari.

    0813 2880 0165

  • Sate Pak Turut
    The Most Famous Satay in Gunungkidul

    The delicate young goat meat in curry sauce and various spices created by Pak Turut has succeeded in becoming the number one satay in gunungkidul.

    (0274) 748 9282

  • Sate Petir Pak Nano
    So Hot It Strikes Like Lightning

    The sweetness of soy sauce and the hot taste of a large amount of minced cabai rawit (commonly known as Thai pepper/chili) is the distinguished feature of Sate Petir. While some are terrified by the amount of chili, those loving spicy hot culinary are ind

  • Dawet Ayu Center
    Culinary, Philosophy, and Railway Workshop on Jalan Kusbini

    Jogja is indeed the paradise of culinary; you don't have to go as far as Banjarnegara only to taste the sweet refreshing dawet ayu. A traditional drink made from hunkwe flour served in coconut milk mixed with palm sugar sauce.

  • Sop Merah Bu Asih
    Spicy, Savory Sensation That Leads To Addiction

    Soup is commonly served in clear savory broth, but Mrs. Asih's soup is different. The red soup broth obtained by mixing chili paste makes its customers addicted to its perfect blend of savory and spicy taste.

  • The Waroeng of Raminten
    Quirky yet Engaging Menu

    In the midst of the cool breeze from Merapi's slope, a serving of koteka chicken is ready to be enjoyed. Accompanied by the sound of gamelan (traditional Javanese musical instruments) breaking the silence, various delightful peculiar-named dishes are wait

    (0274) 265 4254

  • Thiwul Yu Tum
    Food During The Hard Days, Now Favored in Many Ways

    With its fluffier and delicate texture, along with the innovated variants of taste, thiwul is no longer a B-grade food. It has moved up in status; from food during colonization era to tourists' favorite.

    (0274) 788 9300

  • Ungkrung
    Bizarre Culinary, Famine Season's Legacy

    Ungkrung (teak tree caterpillar) is the symbol of Gunungkidul's local wisdom in making use of the resources existing around them. The seasonal culinary is now a sought after delicacy for tourists, owing to its good taste and unique form.

  • Warung Ijo Baciro
    Humble Eatery Serving Javanese Delicacy

    Not far from Jogja's oldest train station, in the parking area of Lotek Teteg, you can easily find tens of Javanese distinct dishes in a humble food stall. Having a try of these dishes feels more special than enjoying those of renowned restaurants.

  • Warung Omah Bu Ageng
    A Plate of Indonesian Delicacy That Even Mark Zuckerberg Had Tried Happily

    You can find a plate of Indonesian delicacy in the food made by Mrs. Ageng, combining Javanese typical seasonings and Kutai taste. Not only well-known artists, even the founder of Facebook himself had tasted the uniqueness of these homey Indonesian dishes

    (0274) 387 191

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