Spending Your Night in Yogyakarta with Kopi Joss

Jl. Wongsodirjan, Yogyakarta 55271, Indonesia
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Angkringan is food stall selling rice, side dishes and drinks at very cheap prices. Angkringan Lik Man is serving special drink, namely Kopi Joss or Coffee Joss, this place once was the place for spending the night by some popular leaders of Indonesia.

Updated on 15 September 2018

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Open daily
05.00 p.m till close

Do you know a famous place in Yogyakarta where university students, cyber communities such as bloggers and chatters, journalists, artists, pedicab drivers, and even hookers get relax and involved in a warm conversation? When you studied in this student city, where did you usually hold a discussion with your friends about your paper's themes of tasks? One of the places you mention must be angkringan Lik Man that is located at the north of Tugu railway station. It is understandable since the place is famous with Yogyakarta communities. No formal rules apply in this place but tolerance where people are willing to shares space, for example, and to aware of each other's feeling.

YogYES invites you to enjoy the nuance of angkringan Lik Man as many other people has experienced as well. From Malioboro Street, you can walk northwards until you reach an alley right to the north of Tugu railway station. If you turn left, you will directly find this famous place on your left side. To identify it, just look at two big containers connected with a bamboo, brazier with burning charcoals, and rows of neatly arranged glasses.

Angkringan Lik Man is legendary because the seller is the first generation of the angkringan sellers in Yogyakarta most of whom come from Klaten. Lik Man or uncle Man whose original name is Siswo Raharjo is the son of grandpa Pairo, the first angkringan seller in Yogyakarta who has been running this business since 1950s. The stall with angkringan concept that used to be called 'ting ting hik' was inherited to Lik Man in 1969. Since then, other angkringans mushroomed in Yogyakarta.

When you arrive in this angkringan that starts to open at six o'clock in the evening, you can order hot or cold drinks. The favorite beverage is Kopi Joss, coffee served with hot charcoal plunged in it. The superiority of such coffee is lower degree of caffeine after being neutralized by the charcoal. Such finding was resulted from a research done by some students of Gadjah Mada University who often hang around there.

The main menu is sego kucing that consists of some rice and stirred-fried tempe and tiny sea fish cooked with chili. Other food such as fries and fried jadah (made of sticky rice) are also available. The delicious sego kucing served warm goes well with fried tempe or others like skewered quail's eggs. It does not have to spend much money to taste delicious menu.

Most of the foods can be served warm if you want them to be. Just ask Mr. Man to warm them on the charcoal for a while. Some side dishes such as mendoan (tempe fried with flour), filled tofu, sweetened tempe, chicken head, and of course jadah are more delicious when they are grilled before being served. Usually people eat sego kucing on banana leaf as the packaging of it. Otherwise, you can ask for plates to put more than one portion of sego kucing.

Two seat arrangements are available for you to enjoy your meals. If you want to seat near the seller in order for you to chat with him or to ease you add some more dishes, you would better sit beside the brazier. However, if you want to be able to have a chat with your friends, it is better for you to sit on the mat spread on the pavement across the street. The spread of the mat reaches as long as 100 meter. So, don't worry of shorting of space!

Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Photo & Artistic: Singgih Dwi Cahyanto
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