From Parangtritis to the Exotic Jogan Beach

The Southern part of Jogja is like the edge of the world's terrace. The 70km coastal line is decorated by fences created by tens of enchanting beaches. Here are the 10 most famous beaches in Jogja, each with their distinctive charming features-from the ro

Updated on 18 November 2018

Feel the touch of every single sand. Whether they are gray sands produced from volcanic eruptions or white sands created from the crumbed corals emerged from underwater. Explore along the coastal line from Parangtritis Beach renowned for its mythical legends and the romantic sunset view to the white sand beaches in Gunung Kidul.

Apart from the natural wonders you can enjoy, various amusing activities are also waiting to enrich your holiday agenda. Try riding a horse in the dim evening or climbing the high cliffs in Siung Beach. Perhaps you may also want to try the sensation of throwing a party at the beach, enjoying dinner at some sea-shore cafes under the starry night sky, or surf along the waves of the Indian Ocean. All are there, in Jogja.

1. Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach has been one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Situated not too far away from the heart of the city, the beach is particularly favored by many, as well as because it offers various charms. At the beach, many things are there for you to try, like conquering the sand dunes by riding on an ATV, flying kites, to exploring the beach by riding on a bendi in a romantic evening. Also, only few have figured out that there is an ancient temple and waterfall hidden around the beach.

2. Indrayanti Beach

Lying just adjacent to Sundak Beach, Indrayanti is bordered by coral hills, and it holds more than just beautiful view of white sands, coral hills, and clear blue water. Feel the warmth of the Indrayanti Beach, even until late at night, while savoring the view of the starry night sky. Dinner at the shore will obviously also become a romantic experience you could never forget.

3. Pok Tunggal Beach

A narrow rocky track serves as the entrance gate to Pok Tunggal Beach. Who would have guessed that beyond the stone hills there lies an impeccably charming beach, hidden from the outside world. A lone tree in the middle has been the beach's icon. Spending time at Pok Tunggal Beach would be incomplete until you've reached the end of the day, as that would be the perfect moment when you can see the beauty of the sunset.

4. Ngobaran Beach

Ngobaran Beach is a beach with rich cultural charms. Here, while enjoying the fascinating beach, you can also see for yourself how different cultures and religions can grow and live side by side in harmony. One of the evidences is the different worship places built one next to another.

5. Glagah Beach

Glagah Beach offers you with a complete package of beach tour, from the captivating lagoon, biking and motorcross, to beach agrotourism. Better still, there is also dragonfruit agrotourism along the shore, as well as canoes and boats you can rent to sail on the lagoon. Die-hard fans of fishing and motorcross can also satisfy their passions around the area. Make sure you don't miss the beautiful waves crashing against the wave breaker with sunset as the background.

6. Sundak Beach

Sundak Beach is more than just white sands, warm seawater, and the quiet blue sky. The folklore about the fight between an asu (dog) and landak (hedgehog), which then became the name of the beach, is another attraction. The folklore may just reveal the relationship between natural transformation and the folklore, particularly because the geological evidences of the folklore are traceable even until the present time.

7. Siung Beach

Here it is, the paradise for rock climbers. Siung Beach is decorated by tens of tracks for rock climbing, with different height and difficulty levels. The beach has frequently host various climbing events and competitions, including the international-scale ones. From up on the high rock cliffs, we can freely enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean. Even if you're not a rock climber, it wouldn't be any matter as you can still play around the beach any way you might like it.

8. Krakal Beach

Surfing in Bali or Banyuwangi has been an ordinary thing. What about Jogja? Come to Krakal Beach, where you can feel the sensation of playing around with the waves without having to travel a long way out from Java Island. Still, you wouldn't have to be an experienced surfer to enjoy Krakal beach, as you can still enjoy your time by playing sands and water at the white sand beach.

9. Drini Beach

Drini Beach has been renowned as one of the extraordinary beaches in Gunung Kidul as it has a small island in the middle of the water. The island is not just a common island; it divides the beach into two parts with contrasting characteristics. Just like a man with bipolar personality, one side of the beach is calm and quiet, while the other side is ferocious and wild. To the West end, lines of outrigger boats are taking a break while waiting for the time to sail back to the sea. Whenever you feel like losing your energy, small huts with hay roofs are ready to give you shelter from the burning sun.

10. Jogan Beach

A waterfall falling directly to the sea shore is not a common thing we can easily find. Hidden beyond the lines of limestone hills, the part of Gunung Kidul that lies to the South of Yogyakarta turns out to be the home of a waterfall falling directly to the sea shore. Jogan Beach, this is undoubtedly a charm nobody can't just despise. If you come during the rainy season, you will get a chance of enjoying the view of the curtains made by the waterfall.