From Parangtritis to the Exotic Jogan Beach

The Southern part of Jogja is like the edge of the world's terrace. The 70km coastal line is decorated by fences created by tens of enchanting beaches. Here are the 10 most famous beaches in Jogja, each with their distinctive charming features-from the ro

Updated on 9/16/2018

Feel the touch of every single sand. Whether they are gray sands produced from volcanic eruptions or white sands created from the crumbed corals emerged from underwater. Explore along the coastal line from Parangtritis Beach renowned for its mythical legends and the romantic sunset view to the white sand beaches in Gunung Kidul.

Apart from the natural wonders you can enjoy, various amusing activities are also waiting to enrich your holiday agenda. Try riding a horse in the dim evening or climbing the high cliffs in Siung Beach. Perhaps you may also want to try the sensation of throwing a party at the beach, enjoying dinner at some sea-shore cafes under the starry night sky, or surf along the waves of the Indian Ocean. All are there, in Jogja.

1. Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach has been one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Situated not too far away from the heart of the city, the beach is particularly favored by many, as well as because it offers various charms. At the beach, many things are there for you to try, like conquering the sand dunes by riding on an ATV, flying kites, to exploring the beach by riding on a bendi in a romantic evening. Also, only few have figured out that there is an ancient temple and waterfall hidden around the beach.