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Sandboarding at Parangkusumo Beach (Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja)

Parangkusumo Beach is located in Bantul, about 30 kilometers to the southern side of Yogyakarta. The beach lies side by side with Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. If you visit the beach, try to enjoy its beauty from a different side. If most visitors commonly enjoy only the swashing wave of the southern beach, try something unique which, in Indonesia, might be possible to do only in Jogja. Race your adrenaline by sandboarding. Such sport is similar to snowboarding. While snowboarding is performed on snow, sandboarding is done across a sand dune, one of the rare phenomena in the world. Across this sand dune, we can enjoy the sensation of surfing from 5-7 meter of height on a surfing board. This sport can also be performed by kids as long as they are wear safety tools.

About Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja

Besides having many popular tourism objects, Jogja also has unique tourism destinations you surely do not want to miss. Visit them one by one and try to feel the unique sensation that drives your backpacking more exciting.

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