Be cautious my friend, for Jogja is just like a lover who silently sows the seed of yearning in your heart. Her simplicity teaches us to be a more mature human being, her hospitality comforts us, and her romanticism will always be remembered.

Updated on 9/16/2018

People, or a person like you yourself perhaps, who have come and stayed in Jogja will obviously agree that she is so special. Born with simplicity, she has, without being noticed, become a caregiver for thousands of people and helped them achieve maturity. Later on, at a certain point of time, at which they have left Jogja for years, they will finally realize that she is too special to forget. Jogja is a place that will never let you leave without the desire to return again. Eating at an angkringan (traditional food tenant), meeting humble and friendly people, enjoying the evening or simply chatting about love and the sorrow that follows in coffee shops and affordable 24-hours cafes are fragments of the seeds of longing soaked into the joints of your life without you ever realizing it. Ah... Joko Pinurbo was right after all when he said, "Jogja is made out of yearning, a journey home and angkringan."

1. Eating at Angkringan

Almost every person who has visited Jogja knows exactly how delicious this tiny and simple wrapped rice is. It's the one that saves people, regardless of their social class, from hunger. It saves not only students running out of monthly pocket money at the end of the month, or a starving pedicab driver, but every single person who wish to feel a boundless simplicity in this town as well. The flame from senthir (small-sized oil lamp) lighting upon gorengan (deep fried foods such as tempe, tofu, etc.), various types of sate (skewered meal, usually of meat), the smell of burning charcoals competing with the fragrance of ginger, and pandan mats spread out next to the cart are the pillars that sustain the life of angkringan. Angkringan is what will make you want to return to Jogja to enjoy a little piece of boundless simplicity.

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