Jogja is the Paradise of Food (10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jogja)

People from outside Jogja often say, "Ah...everything tastes sweet in Jogja; even plain rice tastes sweet!" This is unsurprising as they are referring particularly to bakpia and gudeg. However, behind her sweet face, Jogja is the center of spicy, hot culinaries-ones that will get your stomach twisting. She also offers culinary from all over the nation, ones that will cure you when you're homesick. Jogja is not just about sweet foods; she is so talented and creative in producing unique foods that you can find probably only here.

About 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jogja

She is Jogja, a romantic, charming place; she is the soul of Java Island. Her personality is attractive and impressive, mesmerizing to many. It is no wonder that falling in love with her is just irresistible.

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