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Plunyon Bridge, Kalikuning (10 Pre-Wedding Locations in Jogja)

The bridge is located in Plunyon, Kalikuning. It is one of the few structures still standing after Mount Merapi erupted in 2010. Although seemingly unattended, the bridge remains in good condition and safe for crossing. It is left just as it had always been, with no corrective work performed. Tall grasses and weeds have been its companion since the last four years. Apart from that, the fearful imagination of Mount Merapi showering down its volcanic ashes will instantly disappear when you look at what the camera has captured- a couple of lovers in such closeness, beating off all frightening thoughts. In an instant, the bridge turns into a truly romantic place. (

About 10 Pre-Wedding Locations in Jogja

Jogja is home to numerous exotic, romantic places of incomparable beauty. It is no wonder that some of these locations have risen up as the prima donna for pre-wedding photo session.

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