The Palace of Yogyakarta (10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja)

The palace is not just the place where the royalties live; it is also the guardian that keeps the flames of the Javanese culture. Here is the exact point where the beats of the Javanese culture is centered since hundreds of years ago. Here, you can learn and see in person how the culture is preserved amongst the growing modern cultures. This is what makes the Palace of Yogyakarta particularly interesting. To get to the palace, catch a Trans Jogja 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, or 3A, and stop by at the Primary Post Office Bus Stop or the AHMAD YANI Bus Stop. From the bus stop, walk few minutes to the North city square, and you will reach the palace in just a few minutes.

About 10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja

As the most comfortable public bus with a fare of IDR 4K per trip, Trans Jogja comes as an alternative for you while staying in Jogja. The comfortable AC bus will take you to various interesting placeswhile also giving you the chance of becoming an eco-fr

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