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Tugu Jogja (10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja)

Tugu Jogja (the Monument of Jogja) is the most famous landmark of the city. The monument is situated right at the center of the crossroads dividing the area into four streets the Pangeran Mangkubumi Street, Jendral Soedirman Street, A.M. Sangaji Street, and Diponegoro Street. The monument, which is almost 3 centuries of age, holds a deep meaning as well as a number of Yogyakarta's historical records. The monument has a very strong attraction that numerous tourists come by every day just to see it. Some may just take photos of the monument itsel, while some others take photos of theirselves standing in front of the monument, which has served as the direction guide of the city. If you are coming from Tugu Train Station, you can walk a while to MALIOBORO 1 Bus Stop and catch a Trans Jogja 2A to reach the monument. If you are coming by air and land at Adisutjipto Airport, you can walk to Adisutjipto Airport Bus Station and find yourself a Trans Jogja 1B. Both of the track will stop at MANGKUBUMI 1 Bus Stop.

About 10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja

As the most comfortable public bus with a fare of IDR 4K per trip, Trans Jogja comes as an alternative for you while staying in Jogja. The comfortable AC bus will take you to various interesting placeswhile also giving you the chance of becoming an eco-fr

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