Kolong Tangga Children Museum (10 Interesting Museums Worth A Visit In Jogja)

Missing the toys from your childhood memories? Curious about the kind of traditional toys in Indonesia? Or, curious about the history of the existing toys? Kolong Tangga Children Museum is the right place to find out about all of those things. The name Kolong Tangga (Indonesian: under stairs) is derived from where the museum is located, that is, right under the stairs. Standing within the area of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (the Window of Yogyakarta), the museum keeps various collection of toys that exist throughout Indonesia. Various toys, mostly traditional, are handmade toys with many stories and local culture such as legends, tales or myths in them.

About 10 Interesting Museums Worth A Visit In Jogja

Find different sensation and experience in backpacking by exploring museums with many stories and histories in Jogja.

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