Bandung, Paris and Pakistan in Yogyakarta

Some areas in Yogyakarta turn to have the same name as other areas such as Bandung and Kuningan in West Java. Typical humor of Djokdja can also be found in some names of certain areas in Yogyakarta, such as Pakistan and Paris.

Updated on 24 August 2018

Some places in Yogyakarta turn to have the same name as those in other cities of even in foreign countries. All of the names were resulted from unique naming process, based on something prominent in certain areas or accidentally they are just the same with those names outside of Yogyakarta. That can be a result of contracting long name into shorter one usually done by teenagers.

Take an example of the name Bandung in Playen area of Gunung Kidul Regency that is the same with Bandung as the capital of West Java. The name was taken from the name of a spring named Sendang Bandung of which water was taken from the South Sea by Ms Andansari. However, you will not find peuyeum (fermented cassava) as you will find it in Bandung, West Java; instead, you will find serabi kocor (snack made from rice flour with liquid palm sugar as the sauce).

There is another place called Kuningan that is located close to Colombo Street, to the east of Gadjah Mada University roundabout. This place is unique not only because of the name resembling the area in West Java but, in fact, many dwellers of the place are people from Kuningan, West Java. Most of them run a business by opening small warong selling mung bean porridge where many university students who live as boarders in this student city have their meals.

Another place is named Depok, similar to the area in the east of Jakarta city. Both of the places have campuses. Depok in Jakarta is the location of University of Indonesia and Gunadarma University while Depok in Yogyakarta is the complex of Pembangunan Nasional University, Proklamasi 45 University and Atma Jaya University.

The most popular name originating from contraction of its original name is Paris. It does not refer to the capital of France as one of the mode centers, but Paris in Yogyakarta stands for Parangtritis, the famous beach in the south of Yogyakarta with the big waves. Paris in Yogyakarta offers beautiful beach scenery and comfort of going along the beach on a horse; an experience that is just as interesting as looking at Eiffel.

Another area is Pasar Kembang that is often called as Pakistan that stands for Pasar Kidul Stasiun or The Market to the South of the Railway Station that is located to the south of Tugu Railway Station. The area with the same name as the country to the west of India offers lodgings at reasonable prices. From this place, you can directly reach Malioboro and Sosrowijayan to start your adventure in Yogyakarta.

Wandering about Yogyakarta city, you will find different areas with the same name. Jetis, for example, is not only the name of an area to the north of Tugu Railway station but it is also the name of a place in Bantul Regency. Pathuk, on the other hand, is not only the sales center of bakpia as typical food of Yogyakarta but it is also the name of the hill at the side The Wonosari Street. Wander about Yogyakarta and find the same names of different places and find out the story of them.

Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Photo & Artistic: Singgih Dwi Cahyanto
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