Fun Guaranteed, Budget Protected

As a popular paradise of tourism in Indonesia, Jogja seems to never run out of visitors, either domestic or international tourists. Jogja is indeed known as a budget-friendly destination. Still, you need to consider these 10 tips to keep your budget prote

Updated on 19 November 2018

Vacation is a pleasing activity that may just get you to forget about any problems you might be facing in life. However, sometimes a vacation results in a new trouble, i.e. unexpected expenses. When visiting some popular tourism cities, it is common that visitors lose control of themselves.

This may also happens when you are visiting Jogja. Here, everything is affordable, but that doesn't mean you can be careless about your spending. If you're being careless, instead of achieving a budget-friendly vacation, you might just find your savings unexpectedly drained. To avoid such situation, here are 10 tips for budget-friendly vacation in Jogja.

1. Find An Affordable Hotel

You may not believe when we say that there are, indeed, hotels offering a room for 2 with AC and TV like one shown in the picture costs only IDR 50K/night (per October 2014). These hotels may not be situated near the hip area of Malioboro, but it is not something to worry about, as long as transportation is available and accessible. You wouldn't go to Malioboro every single day, would you? Too bad, information on such affordable, clean, and comfortable hotels are limited. This means that you will need to regularly browse through Inns

2. Guest Houses are Better for Groups

Renting a guest house for a group of ten or more will obviously help you minimize the expenses for accomodations. As an example, if the guest house rate is IDR 600K for 12 persons, then each of you will only have to pay IDR 50K/person. Jogja has numerous guest houses with star hotel facilities but at affordable prices; find them here Guest House

3. Eat Like A Local Fellow

Culinary has been one of the options to try while spending holidays in Jogja. However, sometimes popular restaurants impose too expensive prices. So, if you want to cut your budget down, you will need to manage your culinary tour schedule. You can set a plan to enjoy a popular culinary only once each day, while the rest of your dining times should be spent like the locals. Meatballs, soto, chicken noodles or other local foods will be satisfying for your taste and won't cost too much.

4. Food Stalls Near College Campuses

Apart from being renowned as the city of tourism and culture, Jogja is also acclaimed as the city of students. The city is home to many colleges, with thousands of students coming from all over the nation. Restaurants or food stalls located near a campus are commonly more affordable as their customers are mostly students. Dining at some restaurant or food stalls near a campus will undoubtedly help you lower your expenses.

5. Rent A Car for Groups

Many tourism destinations within the area of the Special Region of Yogyakarta are situated around the sub-urban or even rural areas, and are somewhat hard to access due to limited public transportation. Still, you can deal with such situation by renting a car, particularly if you are traveling in a group. The city has many car rental that also offer city tour packages you can choose with rates starting from IDR 375K per 12 hours. Or, if one of your group members can drive a car and owns a driving license, you can rent a car without driver for approximately IDR 200K per 12 hours. This is certainly more budget-friendly as well as more efficient. By renting a car on a daily basis, you will be able to explore even the farthest corners of the city more freely. More info, click Rent A Car in Yogyakarta

6. Motorcycle for A Couple

If you are traveling in couple, i.e. there are only two of you, it is recommended that you rent a motorcycle to explore around. Like renting a car, renting a motorcycle will help you reduce your expenses as well as the trip duration. Only with IDR 50K/motorcycle, you can travel to anywhere you want and stop by at any places you are interested in.

7. Make Use of Trans Jogja

Trans Jogja buses are the public transportation you can rely on while spending holidays in Jogja. The buses can take you to some destinations only for IDR 3.6K per trip. By making use of Trans Jogja buses, you will be able to visit at least 10 of the most popular destinations, including Prambanan Temple, Malioboro, Tugu Jogja, and Gembiraloka Zoo. More info, click 10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja

8. Choose Budget-Friendly Popular Locations

While spending your holidays in Jogja, you can find a lot of popular destinations at affordable prices, or even for free. Just name Malioboro, the 0 Kilometer, the Vredeburg Fort, Tugu Jogja, the Palace of Yogyakarta, Sonobudoyo Museum, and the Water Castle. These places impose entrance fees of less than IDR 10K some are even open at no cost at all.

9. Don't Hesitate to Bargain while Shopping in Malioboro

Souvenirs are a must-have item to buy when visiting a particular place. Sadly, too often that they become a burden to the heart. One step you may try is by bargaining for the price. Don't ever feel reluctant to bargain when you're about to buy souvenirs; note that the final price is mostly determined by how good you bargain for it.

10. Consider Your Tour Itinerary, Classify According to the Location

Classifying your tour itineraries according to the location is an essential thing to do. By visiting several neighboring destinations in a row, you will be able to reduce your spending as well as cutting down the transportation expenses.