86 Unique Places to Stay in Yogyakarta

  • 7 Inns
    from IDR 50,000 / Room in Yogyakarta

    These are no star hotels; these are inns with AC and TV, offered at very affordable rates. What is in a name? Whether you call it a motel, inn, bed & breakfast, homestay, or any other names, these inns are very helpful for backpackers traveling to Jogja.

  • 6 Homestays & Daily Boarding
    To Stay Longer in Jogja

    A day is not enough for university selection, graduation, office duties, let alone travel in Jogja. Homestay and daily boarding become a solution to stay longer in Jogja at a cheaper cost than hotels. The rooms can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

  • 16 Budget Hotels
    Staying at Local Hotels, Experiencing the True Jogja

    Experience vacation in the TRUE Jogja by staying at local-owned hotels. The small, affordable hotels offer warm friendliness, with lots of chances for you to chit-chat warmly with the owner. Such warmth is the true soul of Jogja's tourism.

  • 57 Guest Houses
    More Private, More Intimate

    Staying at a guest house offers higher level of privacy since the whole house is dedicated for your family/group. It also offers better intimacy as the whole family members can gather round, cook and dine together, and having fun talks.

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