Hotels in Yogyakarta, Inns, Homestays, and Guest Houses

There are many fun places to stay in Jogja, ranging from cheap hostels for backpackers to luxury homes. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, select that suits best to your travel style.

Inns in Yogyakarta Under $10 / Room

These are no star hotels; these are inns with AC and TV, offered at very affordable rates. What is in a name? Whether you call it a motel, inn, bed & breakfast, homestay, or any other names, these inns are very helpful for backpackers traveling to Jogja.

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Homestays & Daily Boarding To Stay Longer in Yogyakarta

A day is not enough for university selection, graduation, office duties, let alone travel in Jogja. Homestay and daily boarding become a solution to stay longer in Jogja at a cheaper cost than hotels. The rooms can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

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Staying at Local Hotels, Experiencing the True Jogja

Experience vacation in the TRUE Jogja by staying at local-owned hotels. The small, affordable hotels offer warm friendliness, with lots of chances for you to chit-chat warmly with the owner. Such warmth is the true soul of Jogja's tourism.

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Vacation Rental Homes, Guest Houses, and Villas in Yogyakarta

Staying at a guest house offers higher level of privacy since the whole house is dedicated for your family/group. It also offers better intimacy as the whole family members can gather round, cook and dine together, and having fun talks.

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Budget Hotel / Guest House/ Homestay Based on Location