86 Unique Places to Stay in Yogyakarta

  • 7 Inns
    from IDR 50,000 / Room in Yogyakarta

    These are no star hotels; these are inns with AC and TV, offered at very affordable rates. What is in a name? Whether you call it a motel, inn, bed & breakfast, homestay, or any other names, these inns are very helpful for backpackers traveling to Jogja.

  • Hostel
    from IDR 85,000 / Bed in Yogyakarta

    For solo travelers, hostel is a must-visit facility where they can meet new friends. Staying at an affordable dormitory room provides you with a chance of meeting new friends, with whom you can share experiences and exciting stories from your travels.

  • 17 Budget Hotels
    Staying at Local Hotels, Experiencing the True Jogja

    Experience vacation in the TRUE Jogja by staying at local-owned hotels. The small, affordable hotels offer warm friendliness, with lots of chances for you to chit-chat warmly with the owner. Such warmth is the true soul of Jogja's tourism.

  • Boutique Hotel
    Unique Concept Meets Artistic Design

    Some hotels in Jogja do have unique concept and highly artistic design. The sensation of staying at this boutique hotel will be a lot different from staying at ordinary hotels, even star hotels.

  • 5 Homestays
    A Second Family for A Warm Stay in Yogyakarta for Your Holiday

    If travelling is an opportunity to get new friends then homestays are perfect accommodations. These friendly families opened their doors wide and welcome you as their friend and family. Mi casa es su casa, my house is your house.

  • 55 Guest Houses
    More Private, More Intimate

    Staying at a guest house offers higher level of privacy since the whole house is dedicated for your family/group. It also offers better intimacy as the whole family members can gather round, cook and dine together, and having fun talks.

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