125 Things to See & Do in Yogyakarta and Surrounding Areas

A unique combination of ancient temples, history, traditions, culture and natural forces make Yogyakarta a very worthwhile place to visit.

Explore the Architectural Wonders of the Lost Civilization in Yogyakarta and Surrounding Areas

As a well-known archaeotourism destination, Yogyakarta is a paradise where you can explore ancient temples and discover the ruins of the lost, mysterious civilization.

  • Borobudur Temple
    The Largest Buddhist Temple Visited by Millions of Tourists

    Borobudur Temple is the world's largest Buddhist temple. Built in the 9th century, Borobudur Temple today has turned into a tourism magnet that attracts millions of tourists every year. Find unique facts, history, and pictures of Borobudur Temple here.

    024 8646 2345

  • Prambanan Temple
    A Timeless Love Story in a Temple Basking in Glory

    Prambanan Temple was built in the ninth century. Soaring 47 meters into the sky with all of its alluring ornaments, the beauty of this Hindu temple is beyond compare. It is located 17 km to the west of the center of Jogja and can easily be visited by bus.

    (0274) 496 401

  • Mendut Temple
    A Throne for The Giant Buddha Statue

    Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple built by King Indra of Syailendra Dynasty. Mendut Temple niches became the throne for a large Buddha statue.

  • King Boko Palace
    The Glory on a Peaceful Hill

    King Boko Palace is a luxurious palace complex that was built in the eighth century. The most luxurious building during its time was built by one of the relatives of Borobudur founder.

    (0274) 496 510

  • Ijo Temple
    The Temple Located at The Highest Place in Yogyakarta

    Ijo (in Javanese language, this word means 'Green') temple is a temple located at the highest place in Yogyakarta that presents natural and cultural enchantment with additional view of taking off and landing airplane.

  • Plaosan Temple
    The Twin Temple near Prambanan

    Plaosan temple that was built by Rakai Pikatan has some uniqueness compared to other temples, namely its twin main temple and the terrace with smooth surface. In this temple, there are Vajrapani, Amitbha, and Prajnaparamitha figures.

  • Tara Temple
    The Oldest Buddhism Heritage in Yogyakarta

    Tara Temple is the oldest Buddhism temple in Yogyakarta that was built by Rakai Panangkaran, the king of Syailendra dynasty who also conceptualized the construction of Borobudur Temple.

  • Pawon Temple
    The Midpoint of The Three Buddha Temples

    Different from other temples that are nearby, Pawon Temple has vent in its chambers. Pawon Temples becomes the midpoint linking Mendut Temple and Borobudur Temple.

  • Sambisari Temple
    21 Years Constructing The "Giant Puzzle of Stone"

    After being buried under the earth for hundreds of years, the first slab of the stone was discovered in 1966. It took 21 years to excavate and construct hundreds of "puzzle" pieces of the stones before Sambisari temple finally stands firmly.

  • Barong Temple
    Barong Kalas' Smiles to Accompany You for the Sunset

    On Batur Agung Hill, in the southeast of Ratu Boko Palace, there is a temple complex where farmers worshipped God Wisnu and Goddess Sri. The smiling kala barong ornaments on each side of the temple is the hallmark, attracting people to pay the temple a vi

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Discover Lovely Beaches Hidden in Yogyakarta

The Southern region of Yogyakarta lies adjacent with the Indian Ocean. Along its 110 km shore are dozens of beautiful beaches-most of which remain hidden.

  • Indrayanti Beach
    A Clean Beach with Cafe Restaurants

    Besides offering the charm of white sandy beaches with crystal clear sea water, Indrayanti also offers the sensation of starry romantic dinner at the restaurant located by the beach.

  • Parangtritis Beach
    A Romantic Sunset View at Parangtritis

    Parangtritis Beach is only 27 km from the center of Jogja City and is famous for its romantic sunset views. Riding a horse cart along Parangtritis Beach in the afternoon will be a sweet memory.

  • Sadranan Beach
    A New Paradise to Explore the Beauty of Underwater

    If you think that we can only enjoy the beauty of Sadranan beach from the surface, now we can have a challenging water sport known as snorkeling - get into the depth of ourselves and sink into His almighty creation.

  • Baron Beach
    The Tale of the Miraculous Bule and His Tall Lighthouse

    The South coastal line of Java is indeed full of unique tales, including that of Baron Beach, which is said to be where a miraculous bule was stranded. You could imagine the tale from the shady shore, or from the tall lighthouse.

  • Drini Beach
    Quiet Coral Reef Beach

    A coral island on the seashore stands across Drini Beach, dividing it into two parts with opposing characteristics. The East side is quiet while the West is ferocious, making Drini Beach appears as if having dual characteristic.

  • Nglambor Beach
    Aquatic Universe so Amazing with a Pair of Giant Turtle Guarding

    The sea floor of Nglambor Beach is like an aquatic universe having millions of charms. Thanks to the success of a pair of "giant turtles" in taming the fierce wave of the Indian Ocean, the sea floor panorama in the south sea can now be explored.

  • Pok Tunggal Beach
    A Hidden Sanctuary with Beautiful Scenery

    The journey to Pok Tunggal Beach is unpredictable. It is initially offered a hard road, then it leads to a hidden paradise enticing and challenging guts. A tree that is iconic makes this beach more beautiful.

  • Glagah Beach
    When Ferocious Waves Meet Quiet Lagoon

    Here at the most famous beach in Kulon Progo, you can go fishing, cycling, sailing on a canoe across the lagoon, riding on a motorcross, or just sitting relaxed and enjoying tetrapods struggling to break the waves while waiting for the sunset to come.

  • Ngobaran Beach
    from Temple to Fried Sea Urchin

    Ngobaran Beach is rich of cultural enchantment; ranging from the temple, the mosque directing to the south, to the hidden culinary potential of fried sea urchin.

  • Krakal Beach
    Welcoming The Barrel at Krakal Beach

    The charming beaches along the Southern Sea coastal line - spreading far from the West to the East of Yogyakarta - cover several challenging surfing spots, one of them is Krakal Beach.

  • Wediombo Beach
    Fishing from The Coral Hill

    Fishing at the height of a coral hill to get big fish is certainly extraordinary tour. In Wediombo Beach, you can get not only such an experience but you can try to eat Panjo fish and see the Ngalangi ceremony.

  • Sepanjang Beach
    The Old Kuta Beach

    You do not have to spend too much money going to Kuta Beach only for sunbathing. You may go to Sepanjang Beach to sun bathe with more beautiful scenery.

  • Siung Beach
    Having 250 Routes for Cliff Climbing

    Siung Beach is rich in the huge coral reefs. There are 250 routes for climbing the cliff in the area and you can find the proper sites to enjoy the beach panorama. There is also siung wanara coral reef from which the name of the beach originates.

  • Ngrenehan Beach

    In Ngrenehan Beach visitor's could see the fisherman's activities and get various fried/ grill fishes as souvenirs.

  • Jogan Beach
    The Melting Point of Exotic Waterfall and Sea at The South of Yogyakarta

    A waterfall standing on the seashore is rare to find in Indonesia, and even in the world. Hidden behind karst hills, Gunungkidul-at the South of Yogyakarta-turns out to be keeping a waterfall which falls directly to the sea.

  • Sundak Beach
    Dog and Sea Urchin Fight which Result A Blessing

    It is not only waves that you can enjoy when you go Sundak Beach, but also historical evidences and the existing fortune; for example, the coral cave where a dog fight a sea urchin.

  • Kesirat Beach
    The Story of Enchanting Sunset and the Gratitude Implied

    The absence of sands doesn't imply that Kesirat Beach is less attractive to visit. Aside from the story of gratitude offering implied in the local tradition, the painting of sunset on the west horizon looks so enchanting.

  • Sadeng Beach
    Visiting The Estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo River

    The line and the estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo can be seen when you come to Sadeng Beach. Looking at the present condition while imagining the past time is like witnessing the evolution process. Our eyes will see in astonishment.

  • Baru Beach
    Fun Spot for Picnic, with Windmills so Unique

    The shadiness of Casuarinaceae turns the beach into a perfect spot for family picnic. The view becomes even more unique with tens of windmills functioning as the main source of electricity at the beach.

  • Parangkusumo Beach
    The Love Beach in Yogyakarta

    Parangkusumo Beach invites you to feel unforgettable spiritual experience through the Love Stone and to commemorate the meeting between Panembahan Senopati and the Queen of South.

  • Depok Beach
    Enjoy Seafood Cuisine from Fresh Fish

    Depok Beach serves seafood cuisine from fresh fish and other sea catches in typical nuance of coastal restaurants. Not far from this area, you can see the sand dune panorama as the only such a view in South-East Asia.

  • Ngongap Beach
    Tracing the Footprints of Junghuhn the Explorer

    Enjoying a steep cliff where the Island of Java meets the Indian Ocean while tracing the footprints of the legendary explorer, Franz W. Junghuhn

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Places to Breathe Fresh Air in Yogyakarta

See Cave Tubing Gua Pindul, Jomblang Cave, and many others.

  • Lepo Falls
    "Erawan Falls" in the Far Corner of Dlingo

    Ledok Pokoh is now a new destination for fun vacation. Just like Erawan Falls in Thailand, Lepo Falls has 3 waterfalls and 4 natural pools to swim or play in 'till you lose track of time.

    0813 2539 6505

  • Kalisuci Cave Tubing
    An Intimate Experience with The Stream in The Bowels of The Earth

    Wading across the river that cuts across the karst slope on a floating tube will serve special sensation. The real adventure will begin when the stream enters the dark cave, so prepare yourself for this unforgettable exotic adventure.

    0877 3879 4513

  • Cave Tubing Gua Pindul
    An Adventure of Going along Underground River That Has Many Stories

    Feel the sensation of an adventure in the river inside a cave using a lifebelt. While going through the dark valley in the cave with stalactite and stalagmite, you will also have a story about the journey of Joko Singlulung looking for his father.

  • Ketingan Tourism Village
    Chosen Habitation for Thousands of Herons

    The busy voice of thousands herons was heard as we entered the area of Ketingan Tourism Village. It's been years since the birds chose to stay on the tall trees there, sharing quarters and living together with the local people.

    0822 2789 386

  • Embung Batara Sriten
    Fascinated by the Batara, The Highest Man-Made Lake in Jogja

    Batara Sriten is not a name among the many gods and goddesses in the Javanese shadow puppet stories. It is only a man-made lake on top of the highest peak of Gunungkidul, offering the panoramic beauty to fascinate everyone.

  • Jomblang Cave
    An Ancient Forest and Heavenly Light in The Bowel of The Earth

    Jomblang cave is a vertical cave with dense ancient forest below. A 300 meter alley with its beautiful natural ornament will bring you to the edge of Gua Grubug (Grubug Cave), a place where you can see light from heaven.

    0811 117 010

  • Kiskendo Cave
    A Piece of Ramayana Epic Left in a Cave

    Kiskendo Cave offers an experience of exploring through the long curves of the cave decorated by stalactites and the traces of what's left deep in the Earth from a piece of story of the Ramayana epic.

  • Rancang Kencono Cave
    A Historical Cave Under The Tree Giant Klumpit

    Rancang Kencono is a cave that saves stories from the pre historic period until the struggle of Mataram people. A giant klumpit tree has been the witness of every story happening there.

    0853 3400 5700

  • Gunung Nglanggeran
    An Ancient Volcano with 7 Families on Its Peak

    Mount Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano form a giant boulder. Besides being able to watch the sunset & sunrise dazzling and sparkling Yogyakarta at night, in the East Peak Nglanggeran there are also the mystery of hamlet with 7 heads of households.

    0818 0260 6050

  • Kalibiru
    Enjoying the Emotional Mountains of Menoreh

    Waiting for the sunset to come above the lines of pine trees, within the green mountains of Menoreh, while watching the lake from afar. The fresh air and tranquil place are the relief for stress.

    0813 9294 7249

  • Kaliurang
    Tour a la Madam and Meneer

    To enjoy the enchanting natural view in the north end of Yogyakarta. To touch the cool air and feel romantic atmosphere a la Dutch madam and meneer of the past time in Kaliurang that is located at the foot of Merapi Mountain.

  • Mount Merapi
    Admiring Sunrise at Indonesia's Most Active Volcano

    Enjoying sunrise at the country's most active volcano, while directly seeing Merapi's whirling caldera-it's a must-have experience in life.

  • Suroloyo Peak
    Telescoping Borobudur Temple from The Hills of Sleeping Buddha

    Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of Menoreh mountains. From the height of 1019 m above sea level, we can telescope Borobudur Temple which looks very small surrounded by 4 of its "fortress": Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu, and Merapi.

  • Selokan Mataram
    Cycling Along The Historic Ditch

    If you were raised as "city people", going along the Mataram ditch can be a minor yet pleasant adventure to enjoy the sceneries of green rice fields and shepherds, and to go off road by crossing Krasak River while carrying our mountain bike.

  • Sri Gethuk Water Fall
    Thunderous Sound in The Silence in Dry Region

    Located between Oya river surrounded by green rice field area, Sri Gethuk water fall flows without being influenced by the weather. It's thunderous sound seems breaking the silence in Gunungkidul that is well-known as a dry region.

    0853 3400 5700

  • Sermo Reservoir
    Waiting for Sunset at the Bank of the Lake

    As the only dam in Jogja, Sermo Reservoir is like an oasis in the middle of the exotic limestone mountains of Menoreh. Sailing on a boat across the dam or enjoying the sunset at the bank will both offer the same fun.

  • Wanagama
    Piece of a Story about Reforestation and The Teak Wood Tree of Prince Charles

    Strong will of a temporary Srikandi named Oemi Han'in was able to change lime hill critical land into green forest. It was such a great reforestation that made Prince Charles visited Wanagama and left reminiscence there.

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Lay Your Eyes on the Cultural Heritage and Artworks of Yogyakarta's Maestros

Aside to widely known as the center of Javanese Culture, Yogyakarta is also named Candradimuka Crater of the artists residing in the city (in the realm of wayang (shadow puppet), it is said that Candradimuka is a crater that may make a warrior either stronger or die if the said warrior is thrown into the crater). See the Sultanís Palace, Affandi Museum, Ramayana Ballet, and the other four attractions.

  • Museum Affandi
    Visit the Palace of the Maestro

    Affandi Museum is all parts of Affand''s life as a painting maestro. In the riverside region of Gagah Wong, Affandi lives working, transforming his knowledge and living in his eternal home.

    (0274) 562 593

  • Gamelan Show
    The Javanese Orchestra

    Gamelan is the music created by integrating voices of gong, kenong and other Javanese music instruments. Soft music that reflects the life harmony of Javanese people will soon greet and calm the soul down once someone is listening to it.

  • Jazz Mben Senen
    Enjoying the Night in Jogja while Listening to Jazz

    Enjoying Monday night under the magical sky of Jogja while listening to live jazz music, and at the same time exploring the typical hospitality of the city may become an interesting option to refresh and relieve the fatigue in the early week.

  • Yogyakarta Palace (keraton)
    A Living Museum of Javanese Culture and The Place Where The King of Jogja Lives

    Yogyakarta Palace is not only home to the king and his family, but also becomes the flame guard of Javanese culture. In this place you can learn from seeing directly on how culture still preserved in the the pace development of the world.

    (0274) 373 721

  • Ramayana Ballet
    A Drama in Typical Javanese Dance

    This dance-drama is a marvelous visualization of legendary epos in Javanese culture, Ramayana. Performed in an open stage, Ramayana ballet invites you to enjoy the story in a set of typical Javanese dance accompanied by gamelan music.

  • Sonobudoyo Museum
    Admiring The Keris Collection

    As many as around 1,200 keris from all parts of Indonesia can be seen in Sonobudoyo Museum. They range from the keris from Yogyakarta, Solo, Madura,to the ones from Kalimantan (it is called Mandau) and Sulawesi or celebes.

    (0274) 385 664

  • Wayang Kulit (leather Puppet) Show
    The Masterpiece of Javanese Performance Arts

    This performance art has been more than five centuries of age. Presenting the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, this overnight performance serves the proper space to spend the night, reflect and understand Javanese life philosophy.

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Retrace the Footprint of the Past

See Kotagede, Monumen Jogja Kembali (monjali), Sasana Wiratama, and others.

  • Bintaran
    from the Residence of Prince Bintoro to an Indische Region

    Bintaran developed parallel with the coarse of time. Starting from a dwelling place of Prince Haryo Bintoro during the rule of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, this area became an Indische housing area in 1930s.

  • Ganjuran Church
    Seeing Jesus in Javanese Face

    Ganjuran Church that was built in 1927 is not just a place to contemplate, but it also offers an opportunity to see the global Jesus in local appearance, wearing the Javanese clothes named surjan while listening to gamelan.

  • Gua Maria Tritis
    Spritual Refreshment on a Barren Hill

    Located in a wood on a karst hill in Gunungkidul, Gua Maria Tritis (a sacred place for worshiping Mother Marry in Catholicism) is like an oasis for the visitors who wish for peace.

    (0274) 391 063

  • Kauman Village
    The Enchantment of Islamic Struggle

    The small village of Kauman turns to keep great enchantment, ranging from populous Mabulir library to the Great Mosque as wide as 13,000 m2.Its enchantment has delivered some prominent Islamic characters in Indonesia.

  • Kotabaru
    The Exploration to an Old Park Town

    It is an Indische town worth mentioning as one of the most advanced areas by its time. Built with garden-city concept with radial pattern, Kotabaru becomes an area that is parallel to Menteng, an Indische area in Jakarta.

  • Kotagede
    Witness of The Rise of Islamic Mataram Kingdom (16th Century)

    Kotagede is a silent witness of the rise of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom that ruled almost the entire Java. The cemetery of Islamic Mataram Kingdom forefathers, the fort's ruins, and the other historical remains can be found in Kotagede.

  • Kotagede Mosque
    The Oldest Mosque in Yogyakarta

    Kotagede mosque that is older than Kauman Great Mosque has a unique, beautifully carved speaker's platform, a hundred-years drum, and sugar palm juice-cemented wall.

  • Monumen Jogja Kembali (monjali)
    The Track of Six-Hours Occurrence in Yogyakarta

    In six hours time the Dutch troop fled in disorder. An attack serves as the return point of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

    (0274) 868 225

  • Pecinan (chinatown)
    Historical Trading Area in Yogyakarta

    Chinese Area in Yogyakarta is one of historical Chinese dwelling places in Indonesia. This kampong is the place where the success of Chinese merchants began with shops and services kiosks of tens years old.

  • Madukismo Sugar Factory
    Madukismo Sugar Factory and The Iron of Kwai River Bridge in Thailand

    You will be amazed by the building of this factory built in 1955. Madukismo is not just legendary because of its oldness, but because of its used irons that were utilized to construct the legendary Kwai bridge.

    (0274) 377 049

  • Sasana Wiratama
    Commemorating The Struggle of Prince Diponegoro

    Of aristocratic class, direct descendant of the Yogyakarta King, but he prefers to live humbly with lay people. Pangeran Diponegoro is one of the strugglers to whom the Dutch colony is afraid.

    (0274) 622 668

  • Sasmitaloka Museum
    Visiting The Home of A Guru

    Sudirman is fatherly; holds to principle and conviction; always puts the interests of community and nation. He is the first General as well as the youngest Commander in the Republic of Indonesia.

    (0274) 376 663

  • Sendang Sono
    The Lourdes of Indonesia

    Sendang Sono is a place with so many stories, memories and tranquility. Here, you can pay a visit to the tomb of Mr. Sarikromo, enjoy the architecture winning AGA Khan Awards and send letters to God in front of the Cave of Maria.

  • Sendang Sriningsih
    The Medium of God's Blessing

    Sendang Sriningsih that was found in 1934 is a pilgrimage place for Catholic people in Prambanan, the area that is famous for religious Hindu Buddha tourism objects. The Cave of Mary and the spring water will be the media of God's blessings.

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Handicraft Shopping Spots in Jogja

One of the pleasures of travel, in addition to sightseeing and a bite to eat, must be shopping for souvenirs. These traditional markets are a paradise of handicrafts and batik in Yogyakarta. However, do not forget to bargain before buying.

  • Diamond Baru
    an ISO 9001 Certified Cement Tiles Factory

    Choose floor tile and roof tile from the reliable supplier, Diamond Baru, whose factory has got an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the system of quality management

    0811 269 600

  • Sagio Puppet
    Making Leather Puppets with Knowledge and Passion

    Since 1974, Sagio Puppet has been producing leather puppets with knowledge and passion. Sagio, a manager as well as a maestro of leather puppets, also gives opportunity to anyone who wants to obtain deep understanding of leather puppet.

    (0274) 413 267

  • Gabusan Art Market
    Handicraft Paradise in Bantul

    Gabusan Art Market that accommodates 444 craftsmen has been a paradise of handicrafts in Bantul. Facilitated with information center, this market will eventually accommodate 8,015 handicraft units from all parts of Bantul district.

    (0274) 749 0553

  • Kasongan
    Hunting Ceramics in Kundi Community

    Close look at ceramic handicrafts making that is done from generation to generation while hunting beautiful hand-made collections produced by skillful craftsmen.

  • Beringharjo
    A Complete, Traditional Market in Yogyakarta

    Beringharjo has been functioning as a trading place since 1758. Now, it offers more merchandise, ranging from batik, traditional snacks, Javanese herbs, to Buddha effigy costing hundreds thousands.

    (0274) 515 871

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Visit Unique Places that You Can Only Find in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a bonanza of unique and interesting places you wouldn't find anywhere else.

  • Malioboro
    The True Heart of Jogja's Downtown

    Malioboro is the true heart of Jogja's downtown. As such, it's no wonder that the neighborhood now offers numerous affordable lodgings despite the fact that the city has indeed had increased number of star hotels.

  • Alun-alun Kidul
    The Flickering Palace's Backyard At Night

    At night, the Southern City Square located behind the King's Palace-is always full of people looking for affordable amusement. The flickering lamps of odong-odong driven around the square adds to the merry.

  • Tugu Jogja
    The Most Popular Landmark in Yogyakarta

    Tugu Jogja or the Jogja Monument becomes the landmark that is closely linked to Yogyakarta. There is a tradition to hug and kiss this monument after finishing the study in a university.

  • Tebing Breksi
    From Limestone Mine to the Best Place to Unwind

    Losing its function as a limestone mining site, the Tebing Breksi in Sambirejo, Prambanan now finds itself visited by crowds of all age groups. Who would have thought that a place that used to be unattractive can be turned into a tourist attraction so att

  • Taman Sari
    A Water Castle which is Full of Beauty and Secret

    The sound of splash water, the beauty of its ancient architecture, and its wonderful view make Taman Sari becomes very enchanting. Its alleys and buildings make Taman Sari has many secrets to reveal.

  • Taman Pintar Science Park
    From The Whispering Parabolic Dishes to The Singing Wall

    Have you ever imagined that there's a parabola that can whisper? Or a wall that can sing? Well, you can find them in the Taman Pintar Science Park, Yogyakarta.

    (0274) 583 713

  • Gembira Loka Zoo
    Discover the Komodo Dragon in Yogyakarta

    Gembira Loka is an exactly place to be visited with family. Not only we can try a variety of rides games and watch the behavior of various animals, we can also find a giant lizard, the Komodo Dragon.

    (0274) 373 861

  • Sosrowijayan
    A Tourist Kampong in The City Center of Yogyakarta

    Sosrowijayan is the second famous tourist kampong after Prawirotaman. Located in the center of Yogyakarta city, this kampong offers lodgings and hotels at affordable prices and other interesting facilities from old hotel building to batik course.

  • Taman Pelangi
    Enjoying Rainbow in The Night

    Here, you can see rainbows, even in the night. Lampions in various shapes and colors will enchant your eyes. Numerous amusements are also available for you to try.

  • Yogyakarta De Arca Statue Museum
    Meet Dahlan Iskan and Einstein in Jogja

    No need to worry if you want to take photographs with Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson, or famous heroes or presidents; just come to De Arca Statue Museum in Yogyakarta. There are heroes of all times as well as well-known figures, all residing in this place.

    (0274) 380 809

  • Yogyakarta Animal and Ornament Plant Market (PASTY)
    Mini Zoo Accommodating Tradition

    PASTY is a paradise for animal and ornament plant lovers in Jogja. It is a mini zoo with all sorts of animals for sale. PASTY also accommodates a tradition growing among Javanese men: having birds as pets to comply with one of the chivalry criterias.

    (0274) 413 474

  • Prawirotaman
    A World-known Kampong of Batik and Lodging

    Prawirotaman kampong has many lodgings at affordable prices; most of them are managed by descendents of one clan. This predicated 'international kampong' was once an independence struggler post and a famous batik business area.

  • Sosrokusuman
    from Small Hotels to Wayang Kancil

    Sosrokusuman is not only provider of economy-priced lodgings. The kampong connecting Malioboro Street to Mataram Street has other enchantment such as wayang kancil, mural painting and center of gifts.

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