Waiting for Sunset at the Bank of the Lake

Sermo, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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As the only dam in Jogja, Sermo Reservoir is like an oasis in the middle of the exotic limestone mountains of Menoreh. Sailing on a boat across the dam or enjoying the sunset at the bank will both offer the same fun.

Updated on 1 September 2018

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Entrance Ticket to Glagah, Congot, Trisik Beach, Sermo Reservoir, Kiskendo Cave, Suroloyo Peak, and Tanjungsari Swimming Pool (2018)
IDR 5,000

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open 24 hours

Situated in the middle of Menoreh hills, the quiet Sermo Reservoir appears like a pond where heavenly princesses would take bath, hiding them from any naughty eyes who might want to take a peek at the bathing ritual.

As we wanted to enjoy a different side of Jogja, this time we followed our compass to the West, heading to Kulon Progo. Different environments were on our way, from the urban crowd, smooth asphalt roads waving up and down like a snake, to quiet stone roads with shady trees along its both sides. Fields, farms, village houses, and rocky cliffs were the landscapes we viewed along the trip.

After an hour, we arrived at an artificial lake, the Sermo Reservoir. The 157 hectare land was actually a village turned into a quiet, relaxing lake. There are two ways for you to enjoy your time at the lake. You can rent a boat to explore every inch of the lake. Or, you can sit relaxed at the bank of the lake while waiting for the sunset to come. These are simple ways of showing our gratitude for what the Creator has given unto us.

Making the best of the given opportunities, we tried both ways today. We stepped onto the motorboat that will take us around. We observed every beautiful curve, touched the water, felt the breeze caressing our faces and playing with our hairs. Ah, the shy breeze had gotten us falling deeper in love.

When evening came, we moved to somewhere near the water gate and sat facing West. Yes, this is the ritual of waiting for the sunset. We watched as the sun came home to behind the hills, taking some rest before returning the next day to share its energy with us. From the bank of the lake, we could feel time passing by as if it were the movement of a painter's hands painting a shade of golden yellow, with some shade of amber on the sky, on the surface of the water, on the grasses and stones along the edge, and on the enclosing forest and hills.

The atmosphere turned into a shade of golden, reminding us of a novel entitled Negeri Senja (The Land of Sunset) written by Seno Gumira Ajiadrma. Is this how the land might look like? A land with no experience of day and night; the only thing it has ever knows is the sunset, with amber being the only color it has ever seen. Ah, we suddenly felt as if we were travelers getting lost into the mysterious land. The dim golden shade enchanted us, forcing us to sit still without words on our lips while our eyes remained fixed to the lake.