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Facade at Bali Home 1

The pillars and the door of the house are decorated with beautiful carvings said to be made of materials and craftsmen brought directly from Bali. That is the reason behind the profound Balinese authenticity this house displays. In the terrace, you will find a set of table and chairs perfect for relaxing in the evening. A lush and well-maintained mini-garden adds to the delightful look of the house.

About Bali Home 1

Who would have thought that a Balinese-style guest house is hidden in the middle of Jogja? With a luxurious, clean, and well maintained building, as well as a quiet neighborhood, Bali Home 1 effortlessly establishes itself as a classy homestay in Jogja.

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BALI HOME 1 - Balinese-Style House in the Middle of Jogja