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Sosrokusuman is not only provider of economy-priced lodgings. The kampong connecting Malioboro Street to Mataram Street has other enchantment such as wayang kancil, mural painting and center of gifts.

Updated on 16 September 2019

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Blend of kampong nuance and metropolitan nuance can be found in Sosrokusuman. People's houses that stand close one to each other and small stalls are contiguous with modern Malioboro mall. Located in the heart of Yogyakarta city, Sosrokusuman has been transit place for tourists visiting the second tourism city in Indonesia.

This kampong stretches southwards from Malioboro mall to Mutiara hotel. A simple gate signs that you are entering this kampong. There are two small alleys to enter this area. The first alley is right to the south of Malioboro mall and the other one is further to the south of the first one.

In the first alley, there are many food stalls. Nasi rames, pecel, kupat tahu and soto ayam are examples of the menus available. Some retails run by local inhabitants also provides you with daily needs.

Entering into the kampong connecting Malioboro Street to Mataram Street, you will find many lodgings most of which form is losmen (inn). The tariff is 250,000 Rupiah per night at most. The atmosphere of the inns is relaxing. One of the inns at the end of the second alley, for example, provides relaxing setting outdoors with wooden chairs and a mini cafe.

If you get to the end of the first ally and you turn right, you will find some gift kiosks. They sell typical snacks and food of Yogyakarta such as geplak, the colorful, sweet snack made of grates of coconut mixed with sugar and flavors), tape ketan (fermented stick rice in green color), ting-ting (sugar caramel mixed with peanut), bakpia (made of flour filled with mung bean, cheese, chocolate or others.

If you want to buy souvenirs, please go to the second alley. On of the local people sell interesting souvenirs such as colorful candles, wooden puppet, etc. In front of the first alley, there is a kiosk selling hat, T-shirt and bandana at reasonable price. The design is quite interesting. T-shirt with the writing Yogyakarta or with picture of Borobudur temple and colorful bandana with batik motif are available here.

In Sosrokusuman, you can also make an acquaintance with an activist of wayang kancil (a kind of puppet of which script originated from Surakarta for development of Islam), namely Mr. Ledjar Subroto. The characters he creates have been kept in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or the beautiful miniature of Indonesia in Jakarta and in foreign countries such as Netherlands, Germany, America, Japan, and Australia. Puppet shows in different countries also involved Ledjar as the conceiver. Wayang Kancil that is developed by this gentleman from Bondowoso has been education curriculum in some countries to embed moral teaching.

Other form of art that you can enjoy is mural painting in some walls of the second alley. The painting gives different nuance from other kampongs. If you want to see other mural painting, you can find it in the north of Malioboro mall. Isn't it strategic to start your tour from Sosrokusuman?

Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
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