Lepo Falls

(updated on 1/28/2016)


Parking fee
IDR 2,000 (Motorcycle)

Parking fee
IDR 10,000 (Car)

Open daily

0813 2539 6505

"Erawan Falls" in the Far Corner of Dlingo

Pokoh 1, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone : +62 813 2539 6505

Ledok Pokoh is now a new destination for fun vacation. Just like Erawan Falls in Thailand, Lepo Falls has 3 waterfalls and 4 natural pools to swim or play in 'till you lose track of time.

The sunlight could only take a peek from the clefts between the remained-luxuriant trees in the transition season when YogYES arrived in Pokoh Village 1, where Lepo Falls is. Lepo is the abbreviation of Ledok Pokoh, meaning a valley in Pokoh Village. Stepping down the concrete footpath, finally we arrived at the waterfall, also functioning as a natural bath, in the far corner of Dlingo. A few teens and children were having fun swimming in life belts. They were joking around and sometimes jumping from the big rock on the edge of the pool. As we didn't want to disturb them, we walked to the less crowded pool below.

Lepo Falls has more than one natural pool to swim or play around. At a glance, Lepo looks a lot like Erawan Falls in Erawan National Park, Thailand. There are 4 levels of natural pool channeled by 3 waterfalls in the tourist area, developed in 2013. Each natural pool has different levels of depth. The first pool we saw when we arrived in the tourist area was 2 meters deep. The pool is where teens and adults would usually swim.

Stepping down the footpath and the stone stairs beside the waterfall, YogYES arrived at the second level pool. This is the largest pool, with a depth of approximately an adult's waist, making it safer for children to swim in. Yet, children often choose to swim in the first pool. The second pool is surrounded by exotically ordered rock cliffs. A stone footbridge and small ditch adds to the beauty of the scene. A rock niche in one of the pool sides is the best spot to enjoy the waterfalls on this level. Some teens were using the rock niche to take groufie photos. Some others chose to play waters near the waterfall.

The cool mountain air and the fun of playing water had hypnotized us, making us lose track of time till our stomaches growled. Fortunately, there are many small food stalls around Lepo Falls serving various dishes. In addition to food stalls, the tourist area managers also provide bathrooms, small mosque, and rent life belts and mats. What's more is that to enjoy the beauty of Lepo Falls, we would only need to pay for the retribution as much as we could afford, and be willing to keep the place's cleanliness and beauty.

Note: Lepo Falls tourist area is fully managed by local Pokdarwis (Tourism-aware group). For more information, contact Bapak Ngadiono (+62 813 2539 6505)

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Map of Lepo Falls

Pokoh 1, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone : +62 813 2539 6505

GPS Coordinate: -7.94963333333333, 110.471725

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