Discover lovely beaches hidden in Yogyakarta

The Southern region of Yogyakarta lies adjacent with the Indian Ocean. Along its 110 km shore are dozens of beautiful beaches-most of which remain hidden.

  • Wediombo Beach Fishing from The Coral Hill
  • Pok Tunggal Beach A Hidden Sanctuary with Beautiful Scenery
  • Indrayanti Beach A Clean Beach with Cafe Restaurants
  • Drini Beach Quiet Coral Reef Beach
  • Nglambor Beach Aquatic Universe so Amazing with a Pair of Giant Turtle Guarding
  • Sadranan Beach A New Paradise to Explore the Beauty of Underwater
  • Jogan Beach The Melting Point of Exotic Waterfall and Sea at The South of Yogyakarta
  • Pantai Baron The Tale of the Miraculous Bule and His Tall Lighthouse
  • Sadeng Beach Visiting The Estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo River
  • Ngobaran Beach from Temple to Fried Sea Urchin
  • Sepanjang Beach The Old Kuta Beach
  • Kesirat Beach The Story of Enchanting Sunset and the Gratitude Implied
  • Ngongap Beach Tracing the Footprints of Junghuhn the Explorer
  • Glagah Beach When Ferocious Waves Meet Quiet Lagoon
  • Parangtritis Beach The Most Popular Beach in Yogyakarta
  • Depok Beach Enjoy Seafood Cuisine from Fresh Fish
  • Pantai Baru Fun Spot for Picnic, with Windmills so Unique
  • Krakal Beach Welcoming The Barrel at Krakal Beach
  • Ngrenehan Beach
  • Siung Beach Having 250 Routes for Cliff Climbing
  • Sundak Beach Dog and Sea Urchin Fight which Result A Blessing
  • Parangkusumo Beach The Love Beach in Yogyakarta
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