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Kukusan and Kendeng Summit (10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015)

In the beginning of 2015, another summit has become an idol among the youths in Kulon Progo, Jogja. Located near Nglinggo area, Kukusan Summit serves magnificent natural scenery that refreshes your mind. Rows of tea plantation and pine forest extend in front of your eyes, taking you to experience the beauty of the emerald in the west side of Jogja. Just a step away from the Kukusan Summit, there's Kendeng Summit, rivaling the fame. Kendeng Summit also serves green and cool natural scenery of Kulon Progo. During clear weather, from there you can see Sindoro and Sumbing Mountain as twins dashingly stands in the distance. Look up the address and location map at Puncak Kukusan dan Kendeng.

How to get there:
from Tugu Jogja, head west - Jl. Kyai Mojo Street - Demak Ijo crossroad of West Ringroad, go straight - Jl. Godean - Godean Traditional Market, go straight - Nanggulan crossroad, turn right - Dekso crossroad, turn left - Plono Traditional Market, turn right - follow the signboards toward Nglinggo Tourist Village - Nglinggo Tourist Village - Kukusan Summit, Kendeng Summit

About 10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015

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10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015