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Nglinggo Tourist Village (10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015)

Exploring Samigaluh area, you'll see the overlay of shrubs from the genus Camellia, or known more as tea plants, extending vastly at an altitude of 900-1000 meters above sea level. That's Nglinggo Tea Plantation located in Nglinggo Tourist Village. In this plantation, you can walk around the tea plantation (tea walking), camping and savoring the uniqueness of sangit tea (tea with the smell of smoke from the traditional method of roasting), the typical beverage of the village. Look up the address and the location map at Kebun Teh Nglinggo

How to get there:
from Tugu Jogja, head west - Jl. Kyai Mojo Street - Demak Ijo crossroad of West Ringroad, go straight - Jl. Godean - Godean Traditional Market, go straight - Nanggulan crossroad, turn right - Dekso crossroad, turn left - Plono Traditional Market, turn right - follow the signboards toward Nglinggo Tourist Village - Nglinggo Tourist Village

About 10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015

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10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015