Kleco Mini Reservoir (10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015)

Kleco Mini Reservoir is located in Ngesong Village, Giripurwo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo. Situated in one of the hill tops in Menoreh Hills, the mini reservoir serves a lovely view of the green Kulon Progo. The calm water surface appears to be a giant Bengal glass, reflecting one particular corner of Jogja's glory. Look up the address and the location map at Waduk Mini Kleco.

How to get there:
from Tugu Jogja, head west - Jl. Kyai Mojo Street - Demak Ijo crossroad of West Ringroad, go straight - Jl. Godean - Godean Traditional Market, go straight - Nanggulan crossroad, turn left - Janti / Puskesmas junction, turn right towards Girimulyo - banyan tree junction, go straight - Sribit Market - Sribit Bus Station T-junction, turn left - Girimulyo Police Station - Poskesdes Girimulyo, take the middle road - Kleco Mini Reservoir

About 10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015

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10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015