Gembira Loka Zoo

(updated on 3/23/2015)

IDR 20,000 (Monday to Friday)
IDR 25,000 (Weekend, holiday)

Open daily
08.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m

(0274) 373 861

Discover the Komodo Dragon in Yogyakarta

Jl Kebun Raya 2, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone: (0274) 373 861

Gembira Loka is an exactly place to be visited with family. Not only we can try a variety of rides games and watch the behavior of various animals, we can also find a giant lizard, the Komodo Dragon.

Giant lizard walked slowly with dragged her body. Its forked tongue is sticking rhythmic while its tail is flagging to the right and left. While the legs are filled with sharp nails planted on the ground with great force. When the animal keeper threw the meat into the cage, she was immediately devoured and chewed savagely. A little boy seemed stunned at once fascinated and he just watched the scene that happened in front of him. Likewise YogYES, it is the first time to witness the dragons that are devouring the food.

No need to come all the way to the Komodo Island or Rinca Island to witness the uniquely and rare ancient reptile that originally came from Indonesia. Simply come to Gembira Loka Zoo, you can already see "the world's largest living lizard" which is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage. The zoo that which was built many years ago is apparently has dozen collections of dragons that scattered in several cages. In fact, in the period 1992 to 1996, Gembira Loka also to be a breeding place for dragons ex situ (outside their natural habitat) of the most successful so it got an award in the 1998 Conference of Komodo Dragon in Thoiry, Paris.

In addition to have a collection of Komodo dragon, Gembira Loka also has a collection of snakes, frogs from various countries, Kaiman, soa, turtles, and lizards in the Reptile and Amphibian Park. Other various animals such as elephants, orangutans, tigers, monkeys, camels, birds, deer, zebra, until hippo also can be found in Gembira Loka. The atmosphere which is calm and its botanical garden filled with shady trees make this place fun to be visited with family and friends. If you come at the right time, you can see the show of funny creatures, ranging from parrot that could count, an orangutan that can ride a bicycle, to an otters which are playing ball.

After watching the attractions and funny behavior of various animals, YogYES was taking a break at Tirta Mayang mode. This mode is a magnificent ship-shaped building which is located in the middle of an artificial lake. At Tirta Mayang there are cafes open, so we can having a meal while enjoying the sunny afternoon and watching the ships passed. Dugong Kataraman Ship which is carrying many passengers passed slowly through then followed by a speeding boat so that the water will splash everywhere. At the distance, the children seem happy to play paddle boat with their parents. As the name implies, Gembira Loka, is the zoo which located in the middle of the city into a great place for having fun.

Tickets Games for Mode:

  • Water scooters, ATV, Bumper Boats, a boat, Banana Boat "Orca", Fish Therapy: IDR 20,000
  • Paddle boat: IDR 15,000
  • Kataraman ship, elephant riding, camel riding, swimming gear: IDR 10,000
  • Kano crank, mini train: IDR 5,000


  • The group with a minimum number of 25 people will get a discount if you have notified a planned visit from previous days.
  • Funny animal shows take place every day at 11:00 am and 13:00 pm, while on holidays depending on the interest of the visitors.
  • Gembira Loka Zoo is approchale using Trans Jogja. From The stop Malioboro you can go up with 1A, while from the airport bus stop just choose 1B.

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Map of Gembira Loka Zoo

Jl Kebun Raya 2, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone: (0274) 373 861

GPS Coordinate: -7.80363888888889, 110.397805555556

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