Homestay near Malioboro, Inn, and Guest House

Malioboro continues to be a tourism magnet despite its crowd and high-living cost. An experienced tourist will choose to stay in a hotel/guest house/homestay outside Malioboro area but still within 5km radius as it is usually cheaper and not so crowded.

Hotels near Malioboro

The first big hotel in Malioboro, the Grand Hotel de Djokdja, was built in 1908. The cool thing is that the hotel remains intact and operating until the present time, although it had changed its name several times.

Prior to the emergence of star hotels around Malioboro, there have been many affordable inns and lodgings along Malioboro's small alleys. Some have survived until today, among others: Losmen Setia Kawan, The Munajat Backpacker, Happy/Harum II Inn, and Losmen Utar Pension.

They offer rooms at affordable rates, of course—mostly around 200K, but certainly you couldn't expect them to provide facilities like those of star hotels. Most of them don't even have parking areas for cars. It's because the price of land around Malioboro has been soaring high; in 2015, it had struck a 45 million rupiah/m2 mark.

Even more affordable lodgings are now spread within 3 km around Malioboro. You can even find some lodgings offering rooms at 60K/night for rooms you can share for 4 persons. Some even offer rooms at 50K/night for rooms equipped with AC and TV. Inns like these are targeted to young tourists traveling backpacker style.

Tourist visiting Jogja with their families may consider staying at guest houses around Malioboro. Guest House is a house offered for rent with complete facilities—typically rented on daily basis. Aside from being more budget-friendly than staying at 2-3 rooms at star hotels, guest houses are also more comfortable as they are commonly equipped with kitchens and laundry areas. Due to the skyrocketing price of land, it is very unlikely for us to find guest houses somewhere really close to Malioboro; thank God, most of them are still within 5 km radius from Malioboro.

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