Enjoying the Night in Jogja while Listening to Jazz

Enjoying Monday night under the magical sky of Jogja while listening to live jazz music, and at the same time exploring the typical hospitality of the city may become an interesting option to refresh and relieve the fatigue in the early week.

Updated on 28 August 2018

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Opening Hours
Every Monday: 8PM

"If you have to ask what jazz is, then you'll never know" - Louis Armstrong

What is jazz? Perhaps, the question can be illustrated as a question of what life is, which might be answered by comprehending our existence, and playing the role as human beings consciously. That is jazz, just play and enjoy it! Jazz is an expression of freedom in music - freedom of soul in expressing the world in human's life, a life journey which is flourished by colourful improvisation. George Gershwin, an American composer, quoted that life is a lot like jazz; life will be much better by having improvisation.

Jazz Mben Senen, which means Jazz on Mondays, is a live jazz performance routinely held every Monday night by Komunitas Musik Jazz Jogja. Jazz Mben Senen which is held in the front yard of Bentara Budaya, Kota Baru presents an elegant music performance for all people with different class levels. Jazz Mben Senen is free of charge. However, there is a donation box available for those who want to donate. Jazz Mben Senen starts from 8 p.m to midnight.

Jazz Music is usually identical to wealth and it is widely enjoyed by middle - upper class. Jazz is known as a musical genre which is now considered to have particular prestige but according to the history, jazz started from agony and slavery. Well, Jogja has Jazz Mben Senen which can be enjoyed by all people. Though this event is held to support creativity and as an arena for jazz lovers to gather round, Jazz Mben Senen is also meant to socialize jazz music.

Warm and relaxed atmosphere can be found here, with the presence of funny Master of Ceremony. Meanwhile, the audiences are welcome to participate in the music during the jam session. Those who want to express their ability in playing music can have a jam session with the musicians at Jazz mben Senen or you can just sit and listen to the jazz music. Having fun and relaxing to forget the routine in the early week while enjoying jazz music will certainly be a great option for music lovers.