Lay Your Eyes on the 12 Cultural Heritage and Artworks of Yogyakarta's Maestros

Aside to widely known as the center of Javanese Culture, Yogyakarta is also named Candradimuka Crater of the artists residing in the city (in the realm of wayang (shadow puppet), it is said that Candradimuka is a crater that may make a warrior either stro

  • Museum Affandi
    Visit the Palace of the Maestro

    Affandi Museum is all parts of Affand''s life as a painting maestro. In the riverside region of Gagah Wong, Affandi lives working, transforming his knowledge and living in his eternal home.

    (0274) 562 593

  • Gamelan Show
    The Javanese Orchestra

    Gamelan is the music created by integrating voices of gong, kenong and other Javanese music instruments. Soft music that reflects the life harmony of Javanese people will soon greet and calm the soul down once someone is listening to it.

  • Jazz Mben Senen
    Enjoying the Night in Jogja while Listening to Jazz

    Enjoying Monday night under the magical sky of Jogja while listening to live jazz music, and at the same time exploring the typical hospitality of the city may become an interesting option to refresh and relieve the fatigue in the early week.

  • Yogyakarta Palace (keraton)
    A Living Museum of Javanese Culture and The Place Where The King of Jogja Lives

    Yogyakarta Palace is not only home to the king and his family, but also becomes the flame guard of Javanese culture. In this place you can learn from seeing directly on how culture still preserved in the the pace development of the world.

    (0274) 373 721

  • Ramayana Ballet
    A Drama in Typical Javanese Dance

    This dance-drama is a marvelous visualization of legendary epos in Javanese culture, Ramayana. Performed in an open stage, Ramayana ballet invites you to enjoy the story in a set of typical Javanese dance accompanied by gamelan music.

  • Sonobudoyo Museum
    Admiring The Keris Collection

    As many as around 1,200 keris from all parts of Indonesia can be seen in Sonobudoyo Museum. They range from the keris from Yogyakarta, Solo, Madura,to the ones from Kalimantan (it is called Mandau) and Sulawesi or celebes.

    (0274) 385 664

  • Wayang Kulit (leather Puppet) Show
    The Masterpiece of Javanese Performance Arts

    This performance art has been more than five centuries of age. Presenting the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, this overnight performance serves the proper space to spend the night, reflect and understand Javanese life philosophy.

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