Lay Your Eyes on the Cultural Heritage and Artworks of Yogyakarta's Maestros

Aside to widely known as the center of Javanese Culture, Yogyakarta is also named Candradimuka Crater of the artists residing in the city (in the realm of wayang (shadow puppet), it is said that Candradimuka is a crater that may make a warrior either stro

  • Yogyakarta Palace (kraton) A Living Museum of Javanese Culture and The Place Where The King of Jogja Lives
  • Gamelan Show The Javanese Orchestra
  • Ramayana Ballet A Drama in Typical Javanese Dance
  • Jazz Mben Senen Enjoying the Night in Jogja while Listening to Jazz
  • Affandi Museum Visiting The Palace of A Maestro
  • Wayang Kulit (leather Puppet) Show The Masterpiece of Javanese Performance Arts
  • Sendratari Sugriwa Subali
  • Sonobudoyo Museum Admiring The Keris Collection
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