Enjoying The Nuance of A Coastal Village

Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta 55661, Indonesia
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Trisik Beach offers the nuance of beautiful and simple coastal village. You can enjoy the scenery of the fishermen beach and look at the activities of coastal people, from going to the sea to drying the raw material for handicrafts under the sun.

Updated on 12 August 2018

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Trisik Beach is the first beach in Kulon Progo Regency that you will see when you are passing Bantul - Purworejo road, through Palbapang and Srandakan. Located in Brosot Sub-Regency, Kulon Progo Regency, it is 37 kilometers from the city center. Trisik Beach is located so close to the main street so that it is easy to reach.

The trip to Trisik Beach will be enjoyable and will not be to tiring even though the distance is far enough. The road to this beach is smooth with minimal climbings and there are many small restaurants alongside in order for you to get rest when you are tired. Taking the Palbapang and Srandakan roads, you can also enjoy the beauty of Progo River scenery when you pass by the bridge connecting Bantul Regency and Kulon Progo Regency.

Trisik Beach has its uniqeness compared to other beaches in Kulon Progo in terms of its strong nuance as a coastal village. The beach, people's houses, the huts selling foods and the read connecting the village and the town are located closely one to each other. Various activities done by local people that make use of the coastal area and the ocean as source of their living also takes part in strengthening the coastal nuance of the village.

The center of the fish trading is one of some place that you will find when you come into this area. This place serves as the heart of Trisik community whose profession is fishermen, because this is the place where people are trading the fish they get. Usually, this place is busy as soon as the fishermen return from fishing. When YogYES came, there was one of the fishermen bringing the rayfish he got.

Upon arriving at the beach, you will feel the exoticism of the coastal village with the daily fishery world. You will see row of motorboats that fishermen are using when going fishing. Close to them, there are scattered nets showing that they had just been used. Some small warongs built from bamboo plait offer foods and drinks for visitors.

At certain time, you can see some birds flying on the sky of this beach. Is it believed that Trisik beach is one of the sheltering places for migrant birds from different areas. The migrant birds that you can see are, for example: swamp trinil, beach trinil, bush trinil, red-neck kedidi, cerek kernyut, small cerek kalung and Asian kites. In addition, there are such non-migrant birds as buffalo heron, cow swallow and blue shrimp.

When you walk westwards following the asphalted road to Glagah Beach, you will see the activities of Trisik coastal village community. On both sides of the road, people are drying hyacinth that they obtained from Ambarawa area under the sun. When YogYES came in the afternoon, they were collecting the dried hyacinth and then bound them in several bindings.

The dried hyacinth is sold to the craftsmen who make bag, sandal, and various boxes. The handicrafts are usually distributed to town or to handicrafts entrepreneurs in different areas for further processing. The craftsmen in town usually do the finishing process by adding some accessories to make them more beautiful. Small in scale, the activity of drying the hyacinth gives living to the people.

With strong coastal village nuance, Trisik Beach is worth writing in your tour agenda. Not many beaches have the beautiful yet simple nuance like Trisik Beach.