Pok Tunggal Beach

(updated on 3/5/2015)

Rental rates
IDR 20,000 (Beach umbrella)
IDR 60,000 (Dome tent)

A Hidden Sanctuary with Beautiful Scenery

Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)

The journey to Pok Tunggal Beach is unpredictable. It is initially offered a hard road, then it leads to a hidden paradise enticing and challenging guts. A tree that is iconic makes this beach more beautiful.

"Ah, to where does this journey lead?" I thought when the car took me and the other candidates of YogYES writers began stumbling down a rocky road in between two coral cliffs. We moved slowly along the 2 kilometres of narrow, winding and, sometimes, steep road. Instantly, adrenaline rustled when passing the bend with a large rock jutting above the head.

Regardless of a thrilling journey, beautiful scenery unfolds before the eyes. A stretch of white sand beach with blue waves slammed as a tired bidder after going down the narrow rocky road. A number of teens seemed to be fun playing the beach waves while posing in front of the camera once in a while. A duras tree shadily grows on the shoreline and this iconic beach. The trees supposedly difficult to grow are highly guarded for their existence by the locals, so do not be surprised if there was a warning for climbing the tree.

But the real charm of Pok Tunggal is a line of coral cliffs standing proudly like a fortress that protects this beach from the outside world. The perpendicular cliffs as high as 50-meter coral wall are potential to be developed as a rock climbing sport arena rock climbing. Of course, it takes courage and extraordinary skill to climb it because until now, there is no climbing routes (Sept 2012). Hopefully, soon, the climbers conquer the cliffs and open track.

In these coral coastal cliffs, there are still wild primates. When YogYES visited, seen a herd of wild monkeys was seen jumping from behind the eastern cliff. Strangely, on this beach, there are also fresh-water springs, most likely derived from an underground stream typical of karst regions. That water source that fullfills the needs of food stalls and public bathrooms from the local business outcomes.

Enjoying the beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach would not be complete if not take a moment to wait for the sun sinking behind the horizon. This afternoon we even met a group of Caucasians carrying a large backpack, seemed like they would camp on this beach. It is also fun spending the night in tents while enjoying the sea breeze blowing and the crashing waves after enjoying the violet dusk. If not bringing tents, we could rent a dome tent from the local people. But if you decide to come home at night, you have to be extra careful. The road that is narrow and rocky once again challenges the guts because it has not been completed by lights at all.

The charm of Pok Tunggal Beach with the strech of white beach sand surrounded by a wall of hills is a fun site to explore. Pok Tunggal Beach that lies between Indrayanti Beach and Siung Beach reinforces Gunungkidul as the centre of beautiful white-sand beaches that are still natural.

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Map of Pok Tunggal Beach

Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)

GPS Coordinate: -8.15488888888889, 110.621472222222

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