Cheaper, Rent A Car in Yogyakarta

Because only a few tourist spots can be reached by public transportation, rent a car in Yogyakarta is the best choice. Rent a car in Yogyakarta is CHEAPER than app-based taxis. Here are 15 self drive, with driver, and all-in car rentals in Yogyakarta.

Why Rent A Car in Yogyakarta?

Uber had left Southeast Asia, but fortunately Indonesia still has other app-based taxis such as Grab and Go-Car. These online taxis are more affordable and more convenient for short routes (hotel - mall or hotel - airport) and one-way trips. The problem lies in the many tourists' lack of knowledge when it comes to the distance they have to travel to get to some tourist attractions-some of which are situated outside of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The fare will certainly soar high if you're using online taxis for traveling around.

For example:
Borobudur Temple is 40 km away from Malioboro. A one way trip to Borobudur will cost you about Rp160,000, or Rp320,000 in total if you decide to go home using another online taxi. And, that's just for going to and from 1 tourist destination. If you choose to rent a car, you can enjoy a travel package that includes Borobudur Temple, Merapi Lava Tour, and Prambanan Temple for only Rp400,000. At this price you can get a complete package of car + driver + fuel for 12 hours. That's the best deal you can get!

The airport, train stations, and bus stations are red zones for online taxis (places where online transportation drivers are forbidden from taking passengers). Tourists must sometimes walk a few hundred meters out of the red zones while dragging heavy luggage. This is of course very bothersome for tourists traveling with a pregnant woman, babies/children, or an elderly. This will not be the case if you rent a car in Jogja, as the driver will be waiting to pick you up at the exit. The will gladly help you carry your luggage and more than ready to take you to any places you have in mind.

Years of experience with tourists have given the people working in car-renting business an extra sensitivity toward the tourists' needs. Akar Transport gives a beautiful handmade bag to their guests. Bejo Rent Car always prepares raincoats and umbrellas so that its clients wouldn't have to worry about being burned under the sun or soaked in pouring rain. You may find this hard to believe, but Aisyah Delight Transport is willing to take its client to the airport/train station after the day of service for free! Considering the extra miles these people are willing to go, it is no wonder that the car-renting business in Jogja collected numerous positive reviews.

Rent A Car in Yogyakarta

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