Rent A Car + Tour Package in Yogyakarta, Start from IDR 400k/Car

Looking for a cheap Jogja tour package? These are 13 car rentals + tour packages in Jogja at low prices and lots of bonuses. Many choices of cars: Avanza / Innova / Elf. Free pick up at the airport / station / hotel. Price of 2018 updates.

  • Zahra Transport
    Rent A Car from Zahra, Get Free Paper Flora

    Toyota Avanza IDR 400,000/12 hours

    0813 9111 3678

  • Wijaya Trans
    Garage Only Seconds Away, Car Comes to You Right Away

    Wijaya Transport has a garage located not far from the center of the City of Yogyakarta. This will cut the delivery time of the car you rent.

    Toyota Avanza IDR 400,000/12 hours

    0815 7806 0065

  • Shikha Holiday Trans
    Rent a Car, Bring Home Tugu Jogja

    Tugu Jogja is the most famous landmark of Jogja City. No wonder the iconic building-shaped souvenir is sought after by tourists. Shikha Holiday Trans spoils its guests by giving free Tugu Jogja souvenirs.

    Toyota Agya IDR 350,000/12 hours

    0822 4170 7774

  • Pondok Transport

    Toyota Avanza IDR 350,000/12 hours

    0812 295 3920

  • Nice Tour
    Car Rental in Yogyakarta with Tons of Positive Reviews on TripAdvisor

    Its superb services often draw compliments form travelers from all around the world. There are many ways to assess the quality of tourism services in your destination. One of it is to read reviews on traveling sites.

    Suzuki APV IDR 400,000/12 hours

    0822 2072 5000

  • Neza Transport
    Rent A Car, Free Use Action Cam

    Daihatsu Luxio IDR 425,000/12 hours

    0817 5450 655

  • Akar Transport
    Fun Picnic, With Beautiful Handbag Gifts to Pick

    A cute handbag made by local crafters will be given as a special keepsake when you're renting car at Akar Transport.

    Daihatsu Xenia IDR 375,000/12 hours

    0816 68 7447

  • Aisyah Delight Transport
    Rent A Car Today, Free Drive the Next Day

    Only few car rentals will be willing to drive its guests post-rent. Aisyah Delight Transport is different. Finished spending your holidays in Jogja, the next day you'll be driven to the train station/airport at no additional charge. Cutting off taxi fare,

    Honda Mobilio IDR 375,000/12 hours

    0813 2956 6659

  • 99 Jogja Indotrans
    Specialist in Large Capacity Cars

    Spending holidays in Jogja in group? No need to worry, 99 Jogja Indotrans specializes in leasing large capacity cars from KIA Travello, Toyota Hiace, to 18-seater Isuzu Elf.

    KIA Travello IDR 750,000/12 hours

    0851 0627 2789

  • 88 Bintang Transport
    Rent A Luxury Car in Yogyakarta

    Spoil yourself by traveling around Jogja in full style and luxury car. You can choose from among these prestigious cars: Hummer 3, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Mercy E Class, Toyota Alphard and many more. Make sure your special day becomes the most classy one.

    Honda City IDR 1,000,000/12 hours

    0851 0123 7717

  • 24 Transport
    Car Rental in Yogyakarta with Lady Driver

    24 Transport is the only car rent service in Jogja that employs female driver, and it's only this one lady driver. It's no wonder if the queue list goes a very long way.

    Daihatsu Xenia IDR 350,000/12 hours

    0877 3940 4222

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