7 Places to Rent A Car without Driver in Yogyakarta

Love driving yourself? Rent a car without driver. Here are 7 car rentals without driver in Jogja at low prices and easy terms, even without deposit. Many choices of cars: Agya / Avanza / Innova, matic / manual cars. You can rent for 12 or 24 hours.

  • Alvian Trans
    Rent A Car in Yogyakarta, Get Free Jogjanese Blangkon

    Alvian Trans rents cars without driver in Yogyakarta. What's unique is that when you rent a car here, you'll get a free Jogjanese blangkon (Javanese traditional headdress for men).

    0823 2660 5264

  • Aman Amin Transport
    Rent A Car Without Deposit in Yogyakarta

    A name is a prayer. To improve security, all cars in Aman Amin Transport are insured. That's why renting cars here doesn't require security deposit. With valid identities of all passengers, rents are immediately provided.

    0812 2767 5457

  • Bening Car Rental
    Car Rental near UGM and Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta

    Flowing like water is the life philosophy of Mr, Adji, which is why he named his car rent business Bening (literally translates to 'clear'). With carport integrated to the comfortable and affordable Bening Homestay is located near UGM, UNY, and USD.

    0818 267 443

  • Jogja Transport
    Ready 24-Hours to Deliver Cars

    Do you know that Jogja Transport offers a 24-hour, non-stop car delivery service? So, from now on, don't worry. Whatever time your plane is gonna land, whatever time your train is gonna arrive, the car you've booked for will be ready at your premise.

    0812 2335 5700

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