Making Leather Puppets with Knowledge and Passion

Gendeng RT. 04/02 Bangunjiwo, Yogyakarta 55184, Indonesia
(0274) 413 267

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Since 1974, Sagio Puppet has been producing leather puppets with knowledge and passion. Sagio, a manager as well as a maestro of leather puppets, also gives opportunity to anyone who wants to obtain deep understanding of leather puppet.

Updated on 14 December 2018

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Sagio Puppet is more than just a place for ordering leather puppets. Sagio Puppet is the first place to make leather puppets in Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta that also opens an opportunity to deepen philosophy and technique of making leather puppets.

Sagio Puppet is managed by Sagio, a puppet master who has been more than 30 years making leather puppets. He learned the knowledge of making leather puppets and the characteristics of each puppet from his father (Jaya Perwita) and a senior puppet maker from Yogyakarta Kingdom (MB Prayitno). Deep knowledge combined with passion for leather puppets since he was 11 years old enables him to produce leather puppets of ultra quality.

Yogyakarta famous puppeteers such as Ki Hadi Sugito and Ki Timbul rely on Sagio's puppets. The former presidents of Indonesia, namely Mr. Abdurahman Wahid who likes Kumbokarno character and Mrs. Megawati Soekarno Putri also collect Sagio's puppets. Sagio's expertise made him to be trusted to make leather puppets in Spanish style.

Sagio Puppet sells various sizes of Sagio's puppets at competitive prices. The smallest leather puppet is sold at 5,000 Indonesian Rupiah and the biggest one is sold at 1,500,000 Indonesian Rupiah. One set of leather puppets for a show is sold at two hundred millions Rupiah for golden leaf and fifty to one hundred millions for brown leaf. You can buy those puppets in Sagio Pappet and in some hotels. Other collections such as classical or decorative batik masks and leather as well as wooden handicrafts are also available.

Sagio Puppet also opens an opportunity for those who want to deepen their knowledge about leather puppet. Such materials as puppet philosophy, puppet stories, puppet characters and technique of puppet making will be taught in the course.