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Choose floor tile and roof tile from the reliable supplier, Diamond Baru, whose factory has got an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the system of quality management

Updated on 25 November 2019

The technique of making floor tile (cement floor tile) was firstly introduced by Dutch to the people of Yogyakarta in the beginning of 20th century. At that time, floor tile has been commonly used, for example to decorate the floor tile of Sultan palace of Yogyakarta and other kinds of old buildings. Although it has ever been replaced by ceramics; nowadays, the floor tile becomes famous again, especially in giving classic nuance to the retro-style building.

For several decades, the technique of making floor tile has not changed much. Floor tile can be nearly compared with the handicraft because the process of production only involves simple machine and still relies on the skill of the maker. However, the result is so beautiful and has a certain level. It is not surprising that nowadays many floor tiles decorate hotels, boutiques, and cafe.

Although there is plain style, floor tile usually has beautiful designs; such as flowers, leaves, batik, geometrical shapes, and decorative shapes which are arranged from some tiles. Please see some of our products below.

Besides making floor tile, Diamond Baru also produces roof tile. We produce various models of roof tile with various colors: green, fire brick, coffee, red, and so on.

No matter what choice of color and model, you may be sure for the quality of our products. Diamond Baru Tiles Factory has got an ISO 9001:2000 certificate, an international standard for the system of quality management. Besides serving the local market, tiles produced by Diamond Baru are also exported to Belgium, Nederland, USA, Italy, and Singapore.

From floor tile to roof tile, Diamond Baru provides high quality tiles products. Moreover, if you need tiles with a certain design, Diamond Baru is ready to serve those special orders. Contact us immediately via telephone, fax, or the online contact from below.