8 Handicraft Shopping Spots in Jogja

One of the pleasures of travel, in addition to sightseeing and a bite to eat, must be shopping for souvenirs. These traditional markets are a paradise of handicrafts and batik in Yogyakarta. However, do not forget to bargain before buying.

  • Diamond Baru
    an ISO 9001 Certified Cement Tiles Factory

    Choose floor tile and roof tile from the reliable supplier, Diamond Baru, whose factory has got an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the system of quality management

    0811 269 600

  • Sagio Puppet
    Making Leather Puppets with Knowledge and Passion

    Since 1974, Sagio Puppet has been producing leather puppets with knowledge and passion. Sagio, a manager as well as a maestro of leather puppets, also gives opportunity to anyone who wants to obtain deep understanding of leather puppet.

    (0274) 413 267

  • Gabusan Art Market
    Handicraft Paradise in Bantul

    Gabusan Art Market that accommodates 444 craftsmen has been a paradise of handicrafts in Bantul. Facilitated with information center, this market will eventually accommodate 8,015 handicraft units from all parts of Bantul district.

    (0274) 749 0553

  • Kasongan
    Hunting Ceramics in Kundi Community

    Close look at ceramic handicrafts making that is done from generation to generation while hunting beautiful hand-made collections produced by skillful craftsmen.

  • Beringharjo
    A Complete, Traditional Market in Yogyakarta

    Beringharjo has been functioning as a trading place since 1758. Now, it offers more merchandise, ranging from batik, traditional snacks, Javanese herbs, to Buddha effigy costing hundreds thousands.

    (0274) 515 871

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