Retrace the 17 Footprint of the Past

See Kotagede, Monumen Jogja Kembali (monjali), Sasana Wiratama, and others.

  • Bintaran
    from the Residence of Prince Bintoro to an Indische Region

    Bintaran developed parallel with the coarse of time. Starting from a dwelling place of Prince Haryo Bintoro during the rule of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, this area became an Indische housing area in 1930s.

  • Ganjuran Church
    Seeing Jesus in Javanese Face

    Ganjuran Church that was built in 1927 is not just a place to contemplate, but it also offers an opportunity to see the global Jesus in local appearance, wearing the Javanese clothes named surjan while listening to gamelan.

  • Gua Maria Tritis
    Spritual Refreshment on a Barren Hill

    Located in a wood on a karst hill in Gunungkidul, Gua Maria Tritis (a sacred place for worshiping Mother Marry in Catholicism) is like an oasis for the visitors who wish for peace.

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  • Kauman Village
    The Enchantment of Islamic Struggle

    The small village of Kauman turns to keep great enchantment, ranging from populous Mabulir library to the Great Mosque as wide as 13,000 m2.Its enchantment has delivered some prominent Islamic characters in Indonesia.

  • Kotabaru
    The Exploration to an Old Park Town

    It is an Indische town worth mentioning as one of the most advanced areas by its time. Built with garden-city concept with radial pattern, Kotabaru becomes an area that is parallel to Menteng, an Indische area in Jakarta.

  • Kotagede
    Witness of The Rise of Islamic Mataram Kingdom (16th Century)

    Kotagede is a silent witness of the rise of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom that ruled almost the entire Java. The cemetery of Islamic Mataram Kingdom forefathers, the fort's ruins, and the other historical remains can be found in Kotagede.

  • Kotagede Mosque
    The Oldest Mosque in Yogyakarta

    Kotagede mosque that is older than Kauman Great Mosque has a unique, beautifully carved speaker's platform, a hundred-years drum, and sugar palm juice-cemented wall.

  • Monumen Jogja Kembali (monjali)
    The Track of Six-Hours Occurrence in Yogyakarta

    In six hours time the Dutch troop fled in disorder. An attack serves as the return point of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

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  • Pecinan (chinatown)
    Historical Trading Area in Yogyakarta

    Chinese Area in Yogyakarta is one of historical Chinese dwelling places in Indonesia. This kampong is the place where the success of Chinese merchants began with shops and services kiosks of tens years old.

  • Madukismo Sugar Factory
    Madukismo Sugar Factory and The Iron of Kwai River Bridge in Thailand

    You will be amazed by the building of this factory built in 1955. Madukismo is not just legendary because of its oldness, but because of its used irons that were utilized to construct the legendary Kwai bridge.

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  • Sasana Wiratama
    Commemorating The Struggle of Prince Diponegoro

    Of aristocratic class, direct descendant of the Yogyakarta King, but he prefers to live humbly with lay people. Pangeran Diponegoro is one of the strugglers to whom the Dutch colony is afraid.

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  • Sasmitaloka Museum
    Visiting The Home of A Guru

    Sudirman is fatherly; holds to principle and conviction; always puts the interests of community and nation. He is the first General as well as the youngest Commander in the Republic of Indonesia.

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  • Sendang Sono
    The Lourdes of Indonesia

    Sendang Sono is a place with so many stories, memories and tranquility. Here, you can pay a visit to the tomb of Mr. Sarikromo, enjoy the architecture winning AGA Khan Awards and send letters to God in front of the Cave of Maria.

  • Sendang Sriningsih
    The Medium of God's Blessing

    Sendang Sriningsih that was found in 1934 is a pilgrimage place for Catholic people in Prambanan, the area that is famous for religious Hindu Buddha tourism objects. The Cave of Mary and the spring water will be the media of God's blessings.

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