Alun-alun Selatan (5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja)

Alun-Alun Selatan is a wide field located exactly at the backyard of the Palace of Ngayogyakarta complex. This place is always crowded by people in the evening. They usually come to try the fun of riding fancy bicycles or cab (decorated with colorful lights and sometimes equipped with music player) and do Masangin game, a game done by walking through 2 twin banyan trees with eyes blindfolded/closed. It is believed that if one succeeded to walk through the two banyan trees, all his/her wishes would come true. Besides, in the evening there are also many food and culinary stalls typically found in Jogja, including wedang ronde (ginger water served hot with ronde-balls made of sticky rice filled with chopped peanut). However, before enjoying the evening festivity at Alun-Alun Selatan, you should never miss the beautiful scenery of dusk here.

About 5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja

Come and enjoy the moments when the sun starts hiding behind high buildings. Let the light greet and make peace in your heart.

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5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja: When the Sun is Hiding Behind High Buildings