Welcoming The Barrel at Krakal Beach

Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
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The charming beaches along the Southern Sea coastal line - spreading far from the West to the East of Yogyakarta - cover several challenging surfing spots, one of them is Krakal Beach.

Updated on 24 October 2018

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Entrance Ticket to Baron, Kukup, Sepanjang, Drini, Krakal, Sundak, Indrayanti, and Pok Tunggal Beach (2018)
IDR 10.000
IDR 2.000 (motorcycle)
IDR 5.000 (car)
IDR 20.000 (bus)

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: open 24 hours

Krakal Beach has long been renowned as one of those extremely beautiful beaches at the Southern edge of Yogyakarta. It has sloping coastal line covered by white sands along with clear waves. Countless coral reefs decorate the seashore, becoming the home for various colorful coral fishes-yellow damselfishes with a shade of blue on their back, navy-light blue-stripped butterflyfishes, and a small group of tiny bright blue fishes are swimming among the corals. The tentacles of black starfishes are peeking out from their hiding spots.

Bored of playing along the seashore? Try taking some walks to its offshore. A line of coral reefs appear on the surface of the water, creating a long lining that looks like a trail on the ocean. Don't forget to put your footwear on, as the coral reefs are sharp. Some fishermen walk by, looking for a strategic spot to spread their fishing rods. Some others are diving in the shallow water in search for umbal, a kind of oceanic fauna living by sticking to the rocks. The local folks will then produce rempeyek (a kind of crispy chips) from those umbal.

While bearing an exotic beauty, Krakal also hides such waves good for surfing. The surfers would have to walk to the line of coral reefs offshore to get themselves facing the challenging reef breaks. The sea bottom is dominated by corals, making it necessary for surfers to maintain extra carefulness. The dry seasong between March and September is the perfect timing to wait for barrel at Krakal.

Taking about 2 hours by car from Jogja, the road to Krakal Beach is quite fair and in good condition. Some foodstalls and hotels are also easy to find around the beach, making it easy for you to spend a night or two while waiting for the best time to go surfing. Still, surfing is not quite a popular sport in the eyes of the local folks; you would have to take your own surfing board as there hasn't been any surfboard rent around.

Surf Spot Detail

Wave Quality Rating: 5
Type of Wave: Reef Break
Direction of Wave: Right and Left
Bottom: Reef
Difficulty: Intermediate, Advance
Crowd Level: Empty
Hazards: Reef, Sea Urchin, Jellyfish
General Description:
Krakal's coastal line is dominated by sharp corals, making it uneasy to reach the surf spot. The wave is good, particularly during the dry season (between March and September), which is potential for the barrels to come.