11 Inns in Yogyakarta Under $10/Room

These are no star hotels; these are inns with AC and TV, offered at very affordable rates. What is in a name? Whether you call it a motel, inn, bed & breakfast, homestay, or any other names, these inns are very helpful for backpackers traveling to Jogja.

Jogja is also a friendly place for backpackers. It is said that Jogja offers the world's most affordable lodging services. You might not believe it, but some lodging services in Jogja do indeed offer rooms at 50k rupiahs/night, complete with AC and TV. Inns like these are targeted to young tourists traveling backpacker style.

  • 0.5 km from Halte MT Haryono 1

    Puspa Jaya Backpacker
    The Most Affordable Lodging in Town

    Puspa Jaya Backpacker is only 5 minutes away from the South City Square and 10 minutes away from Malioboro. This affordable lodging is perfect for backpackers. The owner is very friendly, the rates are near-free, and you’ll get free Wi-Fi.

    IDR 70,000/4 guests, Fan, TV, shared bathroom

    0859 2178 5801

  • 0.5 km from Halte MT Haryono 1

    Deep Purple Homestay
    Friendship During Your Backpack Travel

    The homestay is only 1.5 km away from the Water Castle and alun-alun Kidul (the South City Square), offering clean, affordable rooms with AC, TV, and Wifi. While being friendly, the owner also speaks English well, ready to be your very own best friend.

    IDR 50,000/2 guests, AC, TV, shared bathroom

    0856 9200 5868

  • Cahaya Homestay
    Cheap Lodging in Yogyakarta with Motorbike and Car Rentals

    Cahaya Homestay is the dream lodging of every traveler. Apart from being affordable, it is also located within the city. You can also rent a self-drive motorcycle or car. The rooms are arranged neatly, and towels are available for use.

    IDR 50,000/2 guests, fan, shared bathroom

    0878 3831 2232

  • Suryo Homestay
    Affordable Homestay, Luxurious Facilities in Every Way

    Wow, this affordable homestay's bathroom got bathtub! The common room also comes with a 50-inch LCD TV and Wi-Fi.

    IDR 50,000/2 persons, fan, TV, shared bathroom

    0819 0146 6028

  • 0 km from Homey Home

    Enjoy Jogja Homestay
    Fun Vacation and Tour for A Gank of Four

    This homestay is ridiculously affordable. At only 110k/room, you can already get beds to sleep comfortably in for the four of you. The large porch is a fun place for you to chat and mingle with other backpackers.

    IDR 110,000/4 guests, fan, ensuite bathroom

    0896 7290 8710

  • Grand Zea
    Near De Mata for Affordable Vacation in Jogja

    This affordable inn is a unique one. Zea means corn; the rooms are also named after some varieties of corn. A 2-story building, the inn is located near De Mata and De Arca (Jogja's Madame Tussaud), 3 km from Malioboro.

    IDR 60,000/2 persons, fan, TV, shared bathroom

    0813 7967 4008

  • Pondok 71
    A Budget Inn near Keraton and Trans Jogja Shelter

    Pondok 71 is a budget inn which is located near Trans Jogja Shelter, Keraton, Alun-alun Kidul, and Tamansari. This inn has 15 rooms which are completed with private bathroom, TV, AC/fan and dispenser.

    IDR 70,000/2 guests, fan, TV, ensuite bathroom

    0896 4321 7171

  • 0.4 km from ASMI Desanta

    Omah Bu Dee
    Affordable Lodging, Owner So Welcoming

    Located in an alley on Jl. Wates, Omah Bu Dee is only 15 minutes away from Malioboro. This affordable lodging is recommended by many because the owner is so lovable. Furthermore, the rooms are clean and guests can easily find cheap eateries.

    IDR 70,000/2 guests, fan, ensuite bathroom

    0882 3311 7991

  • Penginapan Pugeran
    Cheap Enough for Backpack Travelers, Easy Enough to Travel

    Pugeran Inn is the most suitable inn for backpacking. Besides cheap, this inn is located close to Kraton (Palace) and Trans Jogja Bus Stop to Giwangan Bus Station, Kotagede, airport, UGM (Gadjah Mada University) and Malioboro. It is fun, isn't it?

    IDR 70,000/2 guests, fan, TV, ensuite bathroom

    0857 4035 9280

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