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Glagah Beach

(updated on 6/1/2014)

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from Lagoon Scenery to Agro Tourism

Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Glagah Beach offers complete beach tourism, ranging from the beautiful lagoon scenery, biking and motocross facilities to coastal agro tourism.

When you come to Glagah Beach, you will directly find plain coastal land. This gives you an opportunity to get wide view of all directions. Looking straight ahead, you will see the long horizon uniting the ocean and the sky. The beauty of the bending coastal line will satisfy your view when you look either westward or eastward.

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Both the plain coastal land and the long coastal line also give you some alternative locations to see the beauty of the coastal scenery. Every location seems to have different nuance even though they are located in the same area. In each location, you can enjoy the overall view of the beautiful beach without boundaries of huge coral reefs.

The first location to get best view of the coastal area is the one that is planned to become a harbor in the future. You will find the place when you follow a 'PP' sign at the fist turn after the ticket post. The full-of-harmony meeting point between the river stream and the ocean waves can be seen by climbing to the view post in the location.

From the first location to some hundreds meters westwards, you can find a loog with the water flowing to the river estuary. This lagoon divides the coastal area into two, the one with coastal plants and weeds and the other place with the sand dune that directly borders on the sea. You can cross to the sand dune area through a connecting bridge that is located close to the river estuary.

Walking further to the west, you can see the activities of local people and some people fishing. When YogYES visited, they are standing in shoulders along the coastal line holding their fishing rods. The slightly sloping area gives much fish for local fishermen. Some kiosks sell seafood with various menus worth trying.

In addition to the beautiful coastal scenery, Glagah Beach also has various beach tourism facilities. One of them is the motocross circuit that is located at the seaside that will satisfy hobbyists of this sport. Meanwhile, the asphalted road connectiong the Glagah Beach and other beaches can be utilized for fun bike activity.

You can even enjoy the agro tourism facility by visiting Kusumo Wanadri plantation. There, you can observe the cultivation process of medication herbs such as dragon fruit and Roselle flower. Besides, you can also hire the bamboo-boat (in Javanese language: gethek), canoe, and rowing duck that you can use to explore the lagoon or you can just cross the wooden bridge to come to the sand dune area at the seaside.

When you feel tired after taking a long walk, you can take arrest in cross-legged sitting hut in the area of Kusumo Wanadri plantation. Some exotic menus and beverages are worth trying. You can try fresh dragon fruit juice and is famous for its efficacy to heal some illnesses, or you may order Roselle flower syrup that will quench your thirst and neutralize various toxins in your body.

In order to enjoy the entire beautiful Glagah scenery, you can take either one of the two alternatives roads. First, go southwards via Bantul road and turn right to Bantul - Purworejo road after you come to Palbapang. Second, go westwards via Yogyakarta - Wates - Purworejo road and turn left after finding a signboard directing to Glagah Beach. You would better drive your own vehicle to reach the access more easily.

The trip to this beach is not as difficult as reaching the beaches in Gunung Kidul area. The road is flat and not much so climbs that you can reach the beaches while relaxing your mind. The road leading to Purworejo city also connects Glagah beach with other beaches in Kulon Progo Regency. In other words, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Text: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Photo & Artistic: Agung Sulistiono Mabruron
Copyright © 2007 YogYES.COM

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Map of Glagah Beach

GPS Coordinate: -7°54'45.8", 110°3'59.5"
Distance from Malioboro: 35.6 km.

Note: all distance are calculated over the air.

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