5 Things You Should Know

Five things you should know about before you rent a car in Yogyakarta / Jogja

Updated on 16 July 2021

  1. Company
    All of the Rent A Car in Yogyakarta listed on our website have the legal business license issued by the government. But, unlike Hertz or Avis, the car rental services in Indonesia are usually run directly by the owners. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate the cheaper price if you will rent a car for longer period of time (more than a week), you often rent a car there, or you know the owner well.

  2. Car
    Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 and the other city cars (1000 cc or less) are good enough for city touring. But if you are planning to travel to the highlands or mountain areas (such as Kaliurang and Kaliadem) or beaches in Gunungkidul, then you need a more powerful car (1500 cc) in order to have a more enjoyable trip. If you want to visit Dieng Plateu, Cetho Temple, or Tawangmangu in Central Java, you are suggested to rent a diesel car or 2500 cc car.

  3. Rental Fee
    The car rental fee in Yogyakarta is not complicated, it's easy. It only includes the basic components: rental fee. The tenant will be responsible to the expenses due during the trip such as parking ticket, toll ticket, and so on.

  4. Fuel
    In our experiences, it will be save more money if you rent a car without any fuel expenses because you can fill up the fuel tank based on the need. Budget MPV cars (Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, or Suzuki APV) usually consume 1 litre of gasoline for the distance of 10 kilometres, so you just need to fill the tank up to 20 liters for driving around Jogja City all day long or go to Borobudur Temple (42 kilometres).

    The fuel need depends on the distance and the compression ratio of the car.

  5. Driver
    Many traveling sites recommend renting Rent A Car with Driver in Yogyakarta if you go on a trip to Yogyakarta. YogYES absolutely agree. The traffic goes on the left side and it is a little bit messy and busy. You will enjoy your trip more if you rent a car with a driver. The fee for the driver in Yogyakarta is only IDR 75,000 - IDR 100,000 per 12 hours, so you can give him an extra tip if you are satisfied.

    If you rent a car and a driver, you have to pay for his meal. During lunch or dinner time, you should ask the driver to take a rest for eating. An experienced driver is sometimes able to show you a nice restaurant (is cheap as well) around the area.

    Especially on Friday, you need to ask whether the driver needs extra time for Friday Praying (at 12.00 - 12.45)

    If you go out town and have to stay overnight, so you have to provide a room or give some amount of money for the room fee to the driver. The amount is usually tentative, according to the agreement (usually IDR 100,000 / night).

  6. Tour Packages
    Okay, this is tips number 5+1. Some car rental services in Yogyakarta provide interesting and cheap tour packages. However, you can't hope the driver know the story of places you visit; but it is not a big problem. You can read the information about places of interest in Yogyakarta through the See & Do.

Have a nice experience in renting a car and exploring Yogyakarta!