New Year Eve at Parangtritis Beach

Enjoy a different sensation of New Year's Eve at Parangtritis-from a romantic sunset to a firework party with splashes of waves as your companion.

Updated on 16 November 2018

Most folks of Yogya would typically spend the year end by gathering around Tugu Yogya (the iconic monument of Yogyakarta), Km 0 (a gathering spot at the end of Malioboro), Northern Square, Southern Square, Bukit Bintang (literally translated as "The Hill of Stars"), and Parangtritis Beach. Every time a year is about to end, many local tourists and youths from the nearby villages would gather at those locations to camp on and festively celebrate the New Year. Unlike the kind of celebrations held up in the city, the atmosphere of the celebration in these locations is fun, particularly if you're with friends or the whole of your family. Also, this it does not require bulking budget. However, if camping is not your kind of thing, you can try renting an inn or villa around the beach. Visitors would have to pay a ticket of IDR 4K/person to enter the beach's area.

Enjoying The Last Sunset of The Year at Parang Endog

If you arrive at Parangtritis before dusk, do not forget to visit Parang Endog. It is also known as the summit for paragliding due to the high frequency of parachuting sports held there. Whenever you want to get a good and beautiful view of sunset along with your friends, Parang Endog is the right place. Your eyes will be spoiled with the clear view of the beach, hills, and the vast blue ocean.

Camping at The Beach

After being spoiled by the magnificent view from the summit of Parangtritis, you can enjoy the night by camping at the beach along with the local fellows who also camp around the area. Many others are also coming to enjoy roasted corns at the beach.

The legend of Nyi Roro Kidul will, perhaps, scare you a bit. But, there's no need to worry. All your fears will just slip away as happiness is the only thing you would get while you're there.

The last few seconds before the coming of the New Year is the moment of greatest festivities as well as the most awaited one. You can enjoy firework party from the beach, with your families or friends. The atmosphere during the New Year's Eve will be more colorful with the company of the sound of the waves. However, if you would like to enjoy the beauty of the colorful fireworks from afar, you may enjoy it from Parang Endog.

Welcoming The Warmth of Sunrise at The Dawn of The New Year

In the morning after enjoying the firework party, do not go straight home. You can do some sports at the beach with your families or friends to freshen up your body and mind. Satisfy your eyes by watching the beautiful view laid down before you while enjoying as the warm morning sun caresses your skin.

Do not forget to keep the environment clean after your New Year party. Remember, a new year should have a good beginning, not the other way around.

The article is one of the finalists of the "New Year Holiday in Jogja" Writing Contest.