A Guide to Jogja Transport Options

Transportation options from car, public transportation, bus, to tours. Going around Jogja will undoubtedly be easier.

  • Public Transportation in Yogyakarta

    Honestly, most tourist attractions in Yogyakarta are not reachable by public transportation. However, we have compiled these articles to help travelers reach Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and dozens of other tourist attractions by public transportation.

  • Cheaper, Rent A Car in Yogyakarta

    Because only a few tourist spots can be reached by public transportation, rent a car in Yogyakarta is the best choice. Rent a car in Yogyakarta is CHEAPER than app-based taxis. Here are 15 self drive, with driver, and all-in car rentals in Yogyakarta.

  • 1 Authorized Tour Organizers in Yogyakarta

    Usually, the tourists visiting Jogja would like to visit Borobudur, Prambanan, and Kraton. YogYES.COM present you with comprehensive information about tour operator in Yogyakarta / Jogja, with tour packages they offer.

  • Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) Transfer

    Yogyakarta has a new airport: Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA). It is located in Kulon Progo, around 42 km from the center of Jogja. As a result, transportation costs to and from the airport are quite expensive, but we have tricks to work around it

  • Adisutjipto Airport Transfer
    From Trans Jogja Buses to Train

    Travelers can choose from various kinds of transportation, ranging from Trans Jogja buses to Train. Read YogYes' reviews to to make sure you choose the right mode of transportation.

  • Yogyakarta Railway Station Transfer
    A Train Station Near Malioboro

    Tugu Train Station is one of the entrances to Yogyakarta. Only 300 meters away from Jalan Malioboro. There are a lot of transportation options available to take you from Tugu Train Station.

  • Lempuyangan Railway Station Transfer

    Lempuyangan is Yogyakarta's oldest train station. Throughout its long history, the station has been playing a pivotal role in the development of train network in Yogyakarta.

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