From Paragliding to Stargazing

Parangtritis is not only magical; it also invites you with a romantic call. Here, you can try playing kites during the day, riding on a bendi (a two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) during the afternoon, or enjoying the view of the ocean of sta

Updated on 16 November 2018

Parangtritis, one of the beaches situated in the Southern part of Jogja, is just like a heavenly playground for everyone. The romantic sunset and the legendary magical atmosphere have been known as a story told endlessly. The coastal line is long, not too steep, and clear from coral reefs, making it a pleasing stage of attraction offering plenty of amusing activities. Here, we have selected 10 fun things you can try while visiting Parangtritis Beach.

The list includes wandering around the shore on an andong or a horse, flying freely in a paraglide, and enjoying the charming view of the beach from the heights-which sure will be pleasing and challenging. Also, you may sit back and relax while enjoying roasted corns and watching the sweet sunset turns to a starry night. Everything is possible for you to do at this exotic beach.

1. Flying in A Paraglide

Parangtritis Beach is one of the popular spots for tandem paragliding in Central Java, and is the only one in Jogja. If you have the guts as strong as the wind that will carry you through the air, then why don't you try enjoying the beautiful view of the beach from 200 m above sea level?

2. Riding on A Bendi

Another choice is to ride on a bendi (a two-wheeled cart pulled by a horse) and wander along the smooth sand-covered coastal line that is caressed by the wave every once in a while. The cart will take you to the East edge of the beach, to a spot of captivating coral reefs. No wonder the spot has been a favorit location for pre-wedding shots. The almost-dark evening and the golden sun reflected on the water will certainly brings up a romantic atmosphere.

3. Riding on A Horse

Besides by a bendi, you can also feel how it would be like to "rule over" a horse an let him take us around. This is undoubtedly a challenge that worth a try. Feel the sensation of becoming a cowboy galloping along the shore.

4. Visiting Parang Endog Waterfall

While exploring the shore on either a bendi or a horse, you will find a waterfall at the East end of the beach. The special thing about the waterfall is that it is situated right just at the coastal line. Also, it bears a secret. Only few visitors have figured out that is a temple ruin lies hidden at the East side of the cliffs. As the temple is very close to the beach, you can clearly hear the sound of waves crashing from the temple.

5. Riding on An ATV

If you're in for a more challenging activity, you can try riding on an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) offered for rent along the shore. Try the fun of riding on an ATV here. Engage the gear, and then release the clutch while pulling down the accelerator control. Vrooomm, the all-land 4-wheeled motorcycle will run in a flash, taking you through the sands along the beach.

6. Playing Kites

Parangtritis Beach also offers fun for those coming along with families. Playing kites with your little children will obviously be a lot of fun. The strong breeze of the wind will carry your kites up high, and it will surely help if you've never played kites before.

7. Surfing

The Southern ocean's waves-known to be ferocious-have indeed attracted many surfers to try having a 'date' with them. Come to Parangtritis, where you can test how good you are in conquering the powerful waves. If you are interested to take a short surfing course, you may join the Dolphin Parangtritis Surf Community (DPSC), who will welcome you with open arms. Now, you can surf without having to go for miles to Bali.

8. Watching Sunset

As the sun moves farther to the West, the weather becomes more friendly. The soft wind and the sound of waves take the sun to its bed, as well as taking us to the most romantic moment at the beach−the sunset. The sky is painted in thick amber, making Parangtritis one of the favorite spots to watch sunset in Jogja. Sit on the shore and savor the sweet, romantic sunset at Parangtritis Beach.

9. Enjoying Roasted Corns

Still feeling reluctant to go home though the sun has already set? In just few minutes, roasted corn sellers will come and spread their mats along the shore, and then you can enjoy the remaining time until late night. You don't feel like going home, still? Don't worry, you can easily find many inns and motels at affordable prices.

10. Stargazing

When night comes, as you sit on the mat and enjoy some warm roasted corns, lift your head up and direct your eyes to the sky. You'll be embraced by the majestic starry sky. Parangtritis Beach is one of the best spots for stargazing. The vast, dark space will unveil the million stars spangling in the sky.