Best Jogja/Jogjakarta Tourism Info

Yogyakarta (some may call it Yogya, Jogjakarta, or Jogja) is Indonesia's most popular tourism destination, aside from Bali. What makes Jogja so special that millions of tourists keep coming here every year? Find best info about tourism in Jogja here.

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Yogyakarta or Jogja?

Tugu Jogja
( / Daniel Antonius Kristanto)

Yogyakarta is a province-equivalent region in the Island of Java, Indonesia. What's unique is that the province's capital is also named Yogyakarta. And, adding to the uniqueness, there have been many ways of pronouncing the name—Yogyakarta, Yogya, Jogjakarta, or Jogja. Young fellas used to call it YogYes (yes='ya', hence yogyes='yogya').

For many Indonesians, Jogja is just like a second hometown. It's possibly because hundreds of thousand people had stayed here for years as they attend college/university education. Another possibility is because everyone would feel welcome and at home during their stay in Yogyakarta. Joko Pinurbo, one of Indonesia's renowned poet, beautifully described Jogja as "Yogya is made of longing, homecoming, and angkringan."

Yogya is made of longing, homecoming, and angkringan

Jogjakarta is also a friendly place for backpackers. It is said that Jogja offers the world's most affordable lodging services. You might not believe it, but some lodging services in Jogja do indeed offer rooms at 50k rupiahs/night, complete with AC and TV. It's also easy to find humble eatery and hang-out spots in Jogja, something people would call 'angkringan'.

Tourism in Jogja

Another of Jogja's charms is its thousand-year-old temples, culture, and natural beauty. Here's 10 most popular tourism destinations in Yogyakarta and the surrounding areas.

  1. Borobudur Temple

    A thousand years ago, the area was the heart of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom—a prosperous, advanced civilization. It was this kingdom who built the Borobudur Temple, the world's largest Buddhist temple, 300 years before Cambodia's Angkor Wat was built. Borobudur Temple is situated in Magelang, about 40 km from Jogja's downtown, and is easily accessible by private/rental transportation and Public Transportations.

  2. Prambanan Temple

    Prambanan Temple was built in the 9th century. Soaring 47 meters in height and adorned with enchanting ornaments, the Hindu temple complex boasts a one-of-a-kind beauty. Prambanan Temple is situated in the eastern end of Yogyakarta, and is easily accessible by Trans Jogja.

  3. Malioboro

    Malioboro is the true heart of Jogja's downtown. Renowned as a paradise for souvenir and craft shopping, Malioboro has always been one of the powerful magnets that attract tourists to visit Jogja.

  4. Breksi Cliff
  5. Jogja Bay
  6. Indrayanti Beach
  7. Jogja Monument
  8. Pindul Cave
  9. Yogyakarta Royal Palace
  10. Parangtritis Beach

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Hotels in Jogja

Room at one of guest houses in Yogyakarta
( / Daniel Antonius Kristanto)

Hotels in Jogja are numerous, just like mushrooms in rainy seasons, from the city's airport to the downtown area. Domestic tourists are more likely to choose hotels located near Malioboro, while foreign tourists commonly prefer those located in Prawirotaman as they can get lower rates and more friends.

However, Yogyakarta also offers many lodging options apart from star hotels. There are Inns under 100k for backpacker, Homestays & Daily Boarding, Budget Hotels, and Guest House for families/groups.

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Car Rent Service in Jogja

Let's just admit it: most tourist attractions in Yogyakarta are located in places not accessed by public transportation. Renting a car thus becomes one of the options for best comfort when traveling around Jogja. Most car rent services in Jogja offers no-driver city cars at around 300k/24 hours.

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Affordable Tour Packages in Jogja

Many car rent services also offer affordable single-day tour packages that include several tourist destinations.

Jogja tour packages comprising a visit to Borobudur Temple, volcano tour, Prambanan Temple, and city tour are offered starting from IDR 400k, including rent car fee, driver, and fuel. Tourists traveling in groups will certainly find it easy to split the payment with their buddies.

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Jogja's Culinary

Jogja's most well-known food is Gudeg. While New York is often called the 'Big Apple' and Jakarta is often called the 'Big Durian', it is perhaps suitable to call Yogyakarta the 'Big Jackfruit' as the city is very often identified with the food made of unripe jackfruits.

Aside from gudeg, Jogjakarta also offers exotic culinary choices, from jadah tempe to fried grasshoper. Just come to Yogyakarta and you'll be able to have a taste of the sweet, spicy, sour, or salty cuisines along with the stories underlying each of them.

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