Psst... This is the Secrets of Starting a Homestay Business for Millenials!

What should be done to rent houses or rooms to tourists? How do you make them aware of your house? How to make them enjoy staying at your place?

Updated on 19 March 2019

Just like most millennials, Adi and his family lives in a rented house, but this condition does not concern him and his wife. "We actually have 2 houses in Jogja, but we turn them into daily rent houses," said Adi.

The earning gained from renting those houses often exceeds their House Ownership Credit (KPR) installments, electricity bills, and monthly operational cost. They save the surpluses, little by little, to buy another house.

Yani, a senior manager at a multinational corporate affiliate, has a different story. Together with her husband, Yani owns several houses rented on annual basis. An interest to start a homestay business sparked in her mind after seeing her friend's successful business.

Starting as just a little experiment, she has now turned 3 rented houses into daily rent houses. When her company offered a higher position abroad, Yani instead chose to retire early and manage her own business. Are you sure, Ma'am? "The severance pay is enough to buy a shophouse," she answered, laughing.

Starting a homestay business does not mean that you must have your own house. Aya, a college student, and her fiance rented a boarding house with 10 rooms and turned it into a homestay. Each tourist or backpacker must pay 50 - 100 thousand rupiahs to spend the night at their homestay.


The first step of opening a homestay is preparing the house. Realizing that his house is far from the heart of Jogja, Adi really went all out in furnishing the house into a tourist magnet. Meanwhile, Yani's houses are really suitable for groups. She only made some touch ups and adds some bathrooms. Aya, on the other hand, searched for a building ready to utilize as a homestay right from the very beginning. She did not need to do any renovation.


Aya is lucky to have her own mother as a mentor on how to promote a homestay. Five years ago, her mother opened a homestay. It was flocked by guests despite only promoted through a local travel portal.

Having a different method, Yani promotes her house using many channels, including a worldwide room-sharing site. But most of the responses she gets come from a local travel portal.

The local portal of displays the complete addresses and phone number of every homestay and guest house. Potential guests can easily and directly contact Aya, Yani, and Adi via SMS or WhatsApp for queries related to the rented houses, access to tourist attractions, price negotiation, etc. It is also convenient and delightful for the owners because this travel portal does not ask for any commission.


We all know that the most important pillars of a hospitality service are hygiene and friendliness in serving the guests, but many have not a clue about how to do it.

"Opening a homestay means learning a lot of stuffs. We do not even know how to clean a bathroom and make it shine like those in big and fancy hotels. YogYes showed us how," said Adi.

To maintain the hygiene of his guest house, Adi hires a local trained to clean the house every day using hotel standards. Living far from the guest house, Adi creates an easy and effective quality control system over his housekeeper.

The host's hospitality in serving the guests plays a pivotal role right from the moment a potential guest makes the first contact. Yani really understands this and determined to never let a potential guest cancel the deal. As a result, the reviews on her guest house are decorated with compliments from the guests.

On the other hand, Aya and her fiance act more than just a host. They are the host but also friends, navigators, and even tour planners for tourists and backpackers staying at their place. Coincidentally, they are around the same age as the guests.

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