Jogan Beach (10 Beaches in Jogja)

A waterfall falling directly to the sea shore is not a common thing we can easily find. Hidden beyond the lines of limestone hills, the part of Gunung Kidul that lies to the South of Yogyakarta turns out to be the home of a waterfall falling directly to the sea shore. Jogan Beach, this is undoubtedly a charm nobody can't just despise. If you come during the rainy season, you will get a chance of enjoying the view of the curtains made by the waterfall.

About 10 Beaches in Jogja

The Southern part of Jogja is like the edge of the world's terrace. The 70km coastal line is decorated by fences created by tens of enchanting beaches. Here are the 10 most famous beaches in Jogja, each with their distinctive charming features-from the ro

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10 Beaches in Jogja: From Parangtritis to the Exotic Jogan Beach