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Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano (Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja)

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is situated in Nglanggeran, Pathuk, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, in the area of Batur Agung Hill and about 20-25 kilometers away from Yogyakarta. This ancient volcano was formed more or less 60 million years ago, originating from a submarine volcano that elevated and formed land. The peak of the volcano is Mount Gedhe at 700 meter asl with a 48-hectare mountain coverage. Not only gorgeous landscape, you can also visit several other tourism objects while adventuring there, such as visiting Comberan Spring believed of being able to preserve youthfulness if used to wash one's face, do outbound activities, go camping, and other activities.

About Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja

Besides having many popular tourism objects, Jogja also has unique tourism destinations you surely do not want to miss. Visit them one by one and try to feel the unique sensation that drives your backpacking more exciting.

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