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Enjoying Sunset at Parang Endog Hill (Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja)

Sunset at Parangtritis Beach is beautiful. It is even better as it comes with the splashing wave of waves and the view of bendi (two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) passing by as the background. However, have you thought of enjoying the sunset at the same area of Parangtritis Beach but from a certain height above? Visit Parang Endog Hill. Parang Endog is a cliff above Parangtritis Beach often used as the starting point for paragliding. From the top of the hill, you can watch as the sun starts to set with South Ocean stretched widely as the background.

About Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja

Besides having many popular tourism objects, Jogja also has unique tourism destinations you surely do not want to miss. Visit them one by one and try to feel the unique sensation that drives your backpacking more exciting.

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